The challenge 

The cryptocurrency boom of 2017 saw an unprecedented wave of consumers investing in new digital currencies. As LiteBit’s user base grew exponentially, their live support agents were left fielding double the volume of normal brand interactions. 

While this showcased the popularity of the platform, it also threatened the brand’s promise of a simple and human crypto trading experience. Although LiteBit had introduced Zendesk ticketing, the business feared that it wasn’t providing the personalized customer experience on which it had built its reputation.

Before Ada:

  • Agents unable to manage high volume of tickets
  • All inquiries handled by Zendesk live agents
  • Limited 9–5 service hours
  • Support available in only 2 languages

LiteBit + ACX + Ada = Perfect match

With high goals, rapid timelines, and a brand reputation to uphold, LiteBit created one of the world’s first Automated Customer Experience (ACX) teams, dedicated to introducing the benefits of AI to the customer journey with Ada. 

In less than a month, members of LiteBit’s ACX team worked with Ada’s Consultants to build and launch a branded chatbot that acs as the frontline of LiteBit’s customer experience across its website and app.

With access to a 24/7 self-service solution in 10 languages, LiteBit's customers are freed from waiting for an agent to support with high-risk, time-sensitive requests. And by instantly containing more than 80% of LiteBite’s customer inquiries, Ada has shifted the agent role to focus on more complex, higher-value conversations that require a human touch.

After Ada:

  • 90% reduction in agent handle time
  • 80%+ inquiries solved without agent
  • Improved NPS score
  • 24/7, instant chatbot support in 10 languages
  • 4000 agent hours saved/month

“We feared introducing AI-powered automation would weaken the quality of our service; however; Ada continues to prove otherwise.”

Bas Lucieer
ACX and Business Intelligence Engineer, LiteBit

Educating in real-time

Through integration with LiteBit’s existing APIs, Ada pulls instant performance metrics specific to individual currencies. Complicated conversations and steps are replaced with instant insights and information that help customers make more educated decisions. 

Proactive support

Leveraging Ada’s Intros feature, LiteBit makes the first move to engage customers with unique chatbot content timed and targeted to search behaviour.

“By providing our booming base of new crypto traders with instant education, market insights, and stronger direction for self-service, we’ve enhanced the experience for both our agents and customers by saving them both time and effort.”

Bas Lucieer
ACX and Business Intelligence Engineer, LiteBit

LiteBit share their first-hand experience

The LiteBit team is constantly looking to improve the brand’s ACX and to better leverage Ada’s brand interaction platform for their needs. They’re using Ada to break down department silos and enable collaboration between different teams. Read more about their ACX journey and the future of LiteBit + Ada in this guest blog written by Bas Lucieer.