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Deliver more relevant and personalized conversations that increase engagement and reduce churn.

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6.7x ROI in year 1
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72% of support conversations resolved
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20% increase in Automated Resolution Rate

Give every user a unique experience

Onboard an AI Agent that scales with your customers. Automatically resolve inquiries and segment users to deliver extraordinary experiences across the customer journey.

Give SaaS customers instant self-service. Drive resolutions.

Increase satisfaction and reduce costs by empowering customers to resolve inquiries on-demand, from account management to troubleshooting to renewals.


Automate more complex tasks. Seamlessly serve.

Connect to key business systems so your AI Agent can tailor experiences to your customer’s unique needs. Convert freemium users, provide tiered support, and assist with onboarding.


Convert freemium users to paying customers with an AI Agent

“Seventy-two percent of our users who chat with Ada don't escalate to a live agent. As a result, we've reduced our first response time for complex questions that need to be passed on to a human agent.”

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Zachary Bosin
VP Product Marketing
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“We saw impressive gains when implementing the scripted chatbot, but were blown away by the results of our generative AI Agent. We are consistently updating our product to meet customer needs. With the AI Agent, we no longer have to rely on human intervention to address new customer inquiries that come through when we've updated our product.”

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Allie Hurley
Head of Global Support
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Deliver extraordinary customer experiences, 24/7

Deliver personalized experiences at every point of the customer journey, from onboarding to renewal.

Create effortless onboarding experiences

Make product adoption easy with user guides and feature how-to’s delivered directly from your SaaS AI Agent.


Enable instant account access

Authenticate users and allow them to take action. Customers can view and change their account details in a pinch.


Set up seamless subscription management

Support your paid users by offering plan updates, renewals, and promotions. Effortlessly convert free users to paid.


Help customers resolve urgent inquiries

Support customers with troubleshooting in the chat or over the phone, and quickly alert them to service interruptions.


Ada’s AI Agent vs. Scripted SaaS Chatbots

Unlike a basic chatbot for SaaS, an AI Agent doesn’t just follow a script. It reasons to figure out how to best resolve an inquiry.

Scripted Chatbot

Scripted SaaS Chatbot

A basic conversational chatbot follows a predefined flow. Every possible customer inquiry from product questions to upgrades has to be planned for and built out.

AI Agent

SaaS AI Agent

Rather than try to build and maintain scripts for every issue, an AI Agent reasons through a customer problem using knowledge and data from your SaaS tech stack to identify the best step to take.

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Ada helped BlueJeans serve 72% of its chat users with its chatbot versus a live agent

Using Ada's no-code builder interface, BlueJeans created automated conversational flows in Denim to resolve the most common customer questions while making it easier and faster for prospects to reach a sales representative.

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