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The AI Agent for customer service

Hire an AI Agent that can immediately resolve over 70% of inquiries.

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10 pt increase in CSAT
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20% increase in Automated Resolution Rate
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6.7x ROI
Ada's Reasoning Engine

The brain of your AI Agent

Rather than trying to match a scripted response to a unique problem, your AI Agent draws on existing knowledge sources and data from third-party tools to reason through each situation. It considers past actions and the context of the conversation to determine how to best resolve an inquiry and deliver a truly personalized resolution.

Your AI Agent runs every response through proprietary safety checks powered by Ada’s Customer Service LLM to ensure every interaction is safe, accurate, and relevant.


Technology Fast 500


Conversational AI Wave Challenger


High Performer

The complete AI-first customer service platform

Replace script-heavy, hard-coded chatbots with a powerful AI Agent that’s easy to deploy, measure, coach and continuously improve.

Solve unique problems with personalized resolutions

Craft tailored responses to complex inquiries, powered by all your existing data sources — from your help center, to your CRM, to your order management system.

  • Learn from any knowledge source
  • Perform complex actions
  • Engage in human-level reasoning

Ensure no insight goes uncovered

Continuously improve the customer experience by focusing on the areas with the biggest opportunity for improvement.

  • Automatically measure resolutions
  • Track the quality of every conversation
  • Understand the impact on key metrics like CSAT

Coach AI to be your top performing agent

Refine your customer service over time, and provide automated experiences that align with your company’s values and policies.

  • Understand how your AI Agent makes decisions and resolves inquiries
  • Guide your AI Agent to improve using natural language
  • Align the actions your AI Agent can take with company policies

Seamlessly deploy across channels and languages

You don’t need to buy multiple tools to automate customer service across different markets and modalities.

  • Launch your AI Agent on web, mobile, social, SMS, and phone channels
  • Instantly serve global customers in 50+ languages
  • Improvements to your AI Agent are applied across channels

An AI-powered platform built for CX teams

Discover the power of an AI Agent for your business.

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increase in Automated Resolution
10 pt
increase in CSAT

Based on Automated Resolutions, our AI Agent is equivalent to 10 full time agents. We’re not reducing our headcount. We’re reinvesting those agents into our business. The agent time savings we’ve realized by implementing Ada has allowed us to form a ‘gold glove’ team for our top tier of clients.

Portrait of Christine Farrugia
Christine Farrugia
VP Client Experience & Strategy
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