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Resolve more customer service calls with voice AI

Make expensive support channels more efficient. Your AI Agent reduces cost-per-conversation and average handle time while improving the customer experience.

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A full customer service team, powered by AI

Say hello to modern call center automation

Ditch clunky IVR systems that are hard to build and even harder to maintain. Onboard your AI Agent - no code required - and start automatically resolving more phone inquiries.

Amuse achieved 30% automated resolution in just 12 weeks

“Before we used Ada Voice, it was hard to keep up with our phone volumes. With Ada, we were able to scale the channel to meet our customers where they are. We're a lean team, so we chose to work with Ada because the platform is easy to use and lets us quickly make updates ourselves. We were able to re-use a majority of the workflows we had already built for our messaging channels, so it took minimal time to integrate and get up-and-running.”

Matthew Choiselat
Senior Operations Manager

Your customers are calling. It's time to take them off hold.

The average caller will only wait 30 seconds on hold before abandoning a call. Cut wait times — and customer frustration — with industry-leading voice AI that empowers customers to automatically resolve their issues, 24/7.

Build once, resolve everywhere

You don’t need multiple tools to automate customer service across channels. Ada’s generative AI-powered platform lets you deliver consistent experiences with an AI Agent that can be instantly deployed across voice and messaging channels.


Increase resolution with natural language and multilingual support

Replace bad voice bots with an AI Agent your customers will actually want to talk to. They can interact and resolve inquiries in your customers' preferred language using conversational AI, rather than keypads and maze-like menus that only serve to route calls, not resolve them.


Integrate with your tech stack

Connect to your existing tools and call center software to authenticate customers and deliver personalized resolutions. When a human touch is needed, your AI Agent will route callers to a human agent, complete with context to reduce handle time.

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Infographic: The high cost of voice

Understand the cost of phone support and how voice AI can increase self-service, lower costs, and improve CX.

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