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Transform your email support with Ada

Say goodbye to ticket backlogs and multi-day response times with email support that automatically resolves 70% of incoming emails, with hyper-personalized conversations across channels.

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Level up your email support with Ada

Apply the powerful generative skills of Ada’s AI Agent to your email support to automate email responses that are relevant, accurate and safe.

Brigit achieved a 50% increase in CSAT

“Customers want fast immediate answers and I think they're very surprised when they get that experience through email. I have seen people really enjoy this and they're giving compliments. They're saying, ‘wow impressive software, that was nice.’ And people seem to accept what it's saying much more than the scripted bot. They seem to trust it.”

Gia Sotelo
Customer Experience Manager

Cut costs, boost performance with AI email support.

Ada Email Scripted email support Human support
Automated resolution rate

An Automated Resolution is a conversation between a customer and a company that is relevant, accurate, safe and does not involve a human.

70% 4.5% 0%
Response times Seconds Minutes Hours, sometimes days
Personalization Fast, accurate, and personalized resolution of inquiries Limited to templates, leading to hasty and irrelevant responses Custom responses, but often delayed and inconsistent causing high-friction
Scale Manages large volumes and complex use cases autonomously Supports select use cases requiring manual setup and monitoring Continuous hiring and training to handle all use cases and routing
Accuracy Leverages reasoning to deliver the most relevant and accurate response Limited to predefined rules, struggles with complex or ambiguous conversations Limited to training, access and expertise of the individual human agent
Omnichannel One platform for consistent interactions across channels Primarily focused on email with limited cross-channel support Inconsistent or slow responses due to manual channel switching
Setup time Build once and deploy everywhere, setup in minutes Weeks or months to create/monitor response flows 1-2 months to onboard, train and develop response guidelines
Cost for resolution Low cost per conversation, low cost per resolution Low cost per conversation, high cost per resolution High cost per conversation, high cost per resolution

Don't leave your customers unread.
End the wait and respond.

Customers expect their issues to be addressed within 4 hours or less — Ada can do it in seconds. Automatically resolve even the most complex customer email inquiries, carrying over context from other support channels.

Deliver personalized support across all channels

Benefit from the same powerful generative AI and deliver a consistently exceptional experience across email, voice, and messaging. Goodbye silos, hello simplicity.


Resolve in seconds, not days

Don’t lose customers over delayed responses. Deliver with the speed they demand and watch your average handle time drop. Your AI Agent can carry over context, automate, and resolve multiple questions — no matter how long the email thread.


Connect with existing business systems and save time

Overwhelming email volumes slowing your team down? No problem. Simply connect your AI Agent to the help center and key business systems and watch it swiftly resolve inquiries — unblocking agent productivity, lowering costs and increasing CSAT.

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Imagine a world without customer service queues. Automate it with Ada.