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How Tango Card uses Ada to provide rewarding automated brand experiences

Tango Card bundles easy-to-use technology, desirable rewards, and expert service to help B2B companies get the most out of their reward and incentive programs. Customers can instantly deliver digital gift cards to their recipients, maximizing impact and driving real business results.

A Shared Vision

When the pandemic pushed digital transformation into overdrive, Tango Card reached new levels of demand for its digital reward and incentive solutions. This presented a huge opportunity for the business, but the increasing demand uncovered existing challenges for Walter Tucker, Director of Support, and Adam Cole, Tango Card’s Vice President of Business Technology.

As a B2B company that provides recipient support, Tango Card interacts with a variety of stakeholders: business partners, reward recipients, and new prospects. Each persona has individual needs, so Tango Card tailors interactions to:

  • Empower existing business partners to get the most value of of Tango Card’s offerings and increase lifetime value
  • Offer an effortless pre-sales experiences to new business prospects, capturing new leads and accelerating their path to sign up
  • Deliver best-in-class experiences for rewards recipients

But by the fourth quarter of 2020’s fiscal year, Tango Card was experiencing major spikes in their support case volume, particularly for the recipient persona. Ticket volume had increased by 54% over the previous holiday season. As Tango Card struggled to maintain their SLAs, a larger risk loomed: the inability to live up to their brand promise as they scale, and deliver a digital experience that makes every stakeholder feel like a VIP.

They began searching for automation strategies to help.

Finding a solution would require careful consideration. Walter and Adam formed a coalition with representatives from sales, marketing, product, and support to establish their vision. Tango Card needed to introduce automated brand interactions across the customer journey, with personalized experiences for each persona – all within a single platform.

Ada shared that vision.

A quick return to SLA adherence

The initial implementation of Ada’s platform launched in March of 2021, and worked to solve their most immediate need: bring in a layer of self-service to instantly resolve the most common interactions with recipients.

Ada’s platform surpassed Tango Card’s expectations. Beyond meeting their initial goal of resolving 30-50% of inbound recipient interactions, they achieved 70% containment of these interactions with high CSAT across the board. They even decreased their case volume by 10% during the most recent 2021 holiday season — despite sending more rewards and incentives than ever before in Tango Card history.

Using Ada, they efficiently scaled their existing team to meet increased demand for recipient support, while at the same time, enabling reps to spend the majority of their time on higher-value interactions.

“Implementing Ada has enabled our support teams to spend substantially more of their efforts on harder-to-solve problems. Our customers are now able to quickly serve themselves for most common problems — or get to a knowledgeable agent without writing an essay. When we compare to the year before, the volume of cases our reps are manually addressing are much lower. They now can spend the bulk of their time answering those complicated questions versus those easy lifts.”

Walter Tucker
Director of Support

But this wasn’t the only “big win” Tango Card experienced in their initial launch; Ada’s platform empowered them to launch more advanced functionality that could address interactions with business prospects and existing customers, too. While they had some APIs available for Ada to integrate to and personalize interactions, they also expanded these endpoints to allow for more automated brand interactions with Ada.

Connecting Ada to existing business systems

Fintech brands typically have customer data living in multiple systems. For Tango Card, this includes Salesforce, Hubspot, NetSuite, proprietary APIs, and more. Before Ada, each customer interaction would require reps to look up details in various systems — this tedious task inevitably slowed them down.

“My advice to prospects considering Ada would be to go deeper into functional and technical questions with competitors. Can you actually leverage APIs without resorting to code, or is it a smoke screen? How does the UX look and feel? Is the platform stable? Ask the right questions, and you'll quickly find Ada has hit the sweet spot.”

Adam Cole
Vice President, Business Technology

Part of Tango Card’s vision was connecting Ada to their various business systems, so that they could personalize interactions with all of their personas in a single platform. So Tango Card spun up a new API collection for Ada to tap into using Workato. The new API pulled relevant data from their various sources, including Salesforce and proprietary APIs. This afforded them two major benefits:

  1. Tango Card could be selective about which customer data to share with Ada, passing only the relevant information to the new Workato API.
  2. They could make a single call from Ada to the Workato API and pull in all the data they needed to personalize interactions with their various personas.

Tango Card relied on Ada’s out-of-the-box reporting to measure their success and validated those results with their own internal metrics:

  • 83% improvement in average first response time for reward recipients
  • 10% reduction in ticket volume from rewards recipients in Q4, 2021
  • 0 instances of business customers escalating to support on behalf of recipients
  • Significant increase in average daily signups

“We were able to easily integrate the Ada chatbot into our product experience to produce contextual flows that not only reduced the load on our support team, but also drove our mission of making rewards awesome to receive. The containment rate from the chatbot exceeded our expectations and we look forward to incorporating it into new products in the future.”

Suzi Lu
Senior Product Manager, Recipient Experience

Room to grow

So what does the future hold for Tango Card’s partnership with Ada? More. More surface area for their automated brand interactions to cover, expanding their strategy across all of their customer channels and touch points to offer actionable support to customers and revenue growth to the business — both with new and existing customers.

They will also be incorporating Ada increasingly across their product lineup, customer and recipient personas, and key touch points — embracing automation as a means of improving the experience for all of their personas, not just the bottom line.

“Ada has been a game-changer for Tango Card by providing an innovative platform for us to build and extend our capabilities and provide a rich, data-empowered customer experience. Ada offers a robust chatbot and automated customer experience solution that can work across the spectrum, without resorting to code or sacrificing UX for functionality. Together, we have room to grow and improve, but the fundamentals have clearly been there since Day 1 — and it shows.”

Adam Cole
Vice President, Business Technology

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