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Win customers with an AI Agent

While others are hedging their bets, Ada's AI helps you scale customer service and improve player onboarding and retention.

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Automatically resolve more than 70% of inquiries

Onboard your AI Agent with existing content and no-code integrations to your tech stack. Start resolving inquiries in minutes, not months.

Support everywhere, anytime. Simplify betting.

Treat every player like a high roller with 24/7 service, no matter where they are in the world or what channel they prefer — web, mobile, social, SMS, or phone.


Enable self-service. Reduce costs.

Increase customer satisfaction with an AI Agent that can leverage customer data in third-party tools to perform tasks like account updates and onboarding.


Localize automation. Maintain compliance.

Stay compliant with regulations across geographies. Coach your AI Agent on company policies and limit it to only sharing content relevant to the location of a player.


Don’t roll the dice on customer service. Hire an AI Agent.

“Playtech is committed to delivering the tools and technology operators need to present their players with the ultimate gaming experience, and our partnership with Ada ensures a world-class player experience from the initial account setup through to inquiries. Providing all customers with a VIP experience is becoming significantly more important, and allows our players to have the very best personalization technology at their fingertips at all times.”

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Mark Jones
SaaS Commercial Partnerships
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“We are constantly looking for new and innovative solutions to improve the customer experience and also assist our agents in their day to day work. Together with Ada we have been able to do both of these things, allowing us to be even more available and to provide faster resolution times. We are continuously finding new ways of using Ada to improve the service to our customers.”

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Aleksej Ander
Operations Manager
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Go all in on customer service

Ada's AI Agent delivers more personalized, self-serve experiences that scale as you grow.

Get players set up faster

Guide new users on how to set up and verify their account. Provide information on rules and regulations or walk them through your features.


Create a personal gaming assistant

Securely authenticate users and give them instant access to review their transaction details, update account information, and more.


Instantly resolve urgent inquiries

Support customers anytime with an AI Agent that scales with demand during big events. Answer critical questions on security, responsible gaming, and more.


Segment rewards to VIP players

Provide information on upcoming or seasonal promotions based on customer segment, geography, and more.


Ada’s AI Agent vs. Scripted Gaming Chatbots

Unlike a basic chatbot for gaming, an AI Agent doesn’t just follow a script. It reasons to figure out how to best resolve an inquiry.

Scripted Chatbot

Scripted Gaming Chatbot

A basic conversational chatbot follows a predefined flow. Every possible customer inquiry from onboarding to rules has to be planned for and built out.

AI Agent

Gaming AI Agent

Rather than try to build and maintain scripts for every issue, an AI Agent reasons through a customer problem using knowledge and data from your tech stack to identify the best step to take.

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Start delivering extraordinary customer service. Hire Ada.