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Give shoppers 24/7 service

Connect to your existing ecommerce tech stack to instantly resolve inquiries, increase conversion, and drive loyalty.

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291% ROI
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$750k savings / year
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50% increase in live agent sales

Turn conversations into checkouts

Your AI Agent assists shoppers along the customer journey to boost loyalty and lifetime value.

Resolve support drivers. Reduce costs.

Automatically resolve more than 70% of customer service inquiries - both common and complex - like shipping questions, warranty information, and exchanges.


Reduce friction. Drive loyalty.

Connect to your ecommerce tools in minutes. Integrate with your order management system, CRM, and more to perform tasks and deliver personalized resolutions, just like a human agent would.


Scale customer service. Save on additional resources.

Your AI Agent grows with your customers. Manage surging ticket volumes during busy shopping seasons and deliver extraordinary customer service without increasing headcount.


Deliver VIP shopping experiences at scale. Win customers for life.

“With the bot taking away the questions that have high handle times but are totally self-serviceable using our APIs, we’ve seen a 400% reduction in customer inquiries over two years. That’s huge.”

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Eric Carr
Senior Manager of CX and CS
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“Ada is helping us to drive conversion and retention. Customers who interact with Ada are more likely to check out and become repeat customers, too. In our app we have seen that customers who engage with our support have a higher conversion rate by 8%.”

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Wayne Grimshawe
Group Director Customer Care
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Guide shoppers from interest to purchase

Turn visitors into loyal customers with an AI Agent that makes every interaction instant and effortless.

Create a personal shopping assistant

Customers can self-serve everything from inventory, to size guides, to shipping information and order updates.


Put promotions at their fingertips

Increase cart size and lifetime value by providing information on rewards offers, sales, and coupons.


Power order tracking and changes

Provide order updates and reduce friction by giving customers easy access to exchanges and returns.


Enable quick account updates

Help customers quickly and seamlessly update account details, shipping addresses, or reset passwords.


Ada’s AI Agent vs. Scripted Ecommerce Chatbots

Unlike a basic chatbot for ecommerce, an AI Agent doesn’t just follow a script. It reasons to figure out how to best resolve an inquiry.

Scripted Chatbot

Scripted Ecommerce Chatbot

A basic conversational chatbot follows a predefined flow. Every possible customer inquiry from warranty questions to missing items has to be planned for and built out.

AI Agent

Ecommerce AI Agent

Rather than try to build and maintain scripts for every issue, an AI Agent reasons through a customer problem using knowledge and data from your ecommerce tools to identify the best step to take.

Explore how AI-powered automation can transform ecommerce and increase customer engagement

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All the information you need about tracking and measuring customer service success in an AI-first organization.

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Shapermint uses Ada to increase sales generated by customer service team

After implementing Ada, Shapermint saw a 50% increase in sales made by live agents.

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Chatbot vs. AI Agent: What's the difference and why does it matter?

Businesses that onboard an AI Agent are differentiating themselves rapidly, leaving behind the limitations of traditional chatbots.

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