The internal support dilemma

Prior to implementing Ada, IT and HR support tickets and project lists kept growing, but allocated budgets remained the same. With an employee base of over 3,000 globally, it took support teams days to resolve a ticket depending on where in the world the employee was located. 

Organization-wide events launched tens of thousands of tickets for an IT department of only six people and an HR department of approximately four full-time employees. And with other priorities demanding support team attention, the client needed to find a way to free up IT and HR teams to address other matters and mass incidents at scale—technology outages, talent acquisition, employee onboarding, and so on.

Introducing, automation for the Employee Experience (EX)

A traditional approach to solving employee issues—creating a ticket and waiting for an email response—can take days to address, as was the case for this particular client. Standard channels for interactions between employees and support teams don't necessarily complement employee modern workflows. Employees need on-the-go access that supports mobile channels of interaction.

Bottom line: A ballooning backlog of tickets is too difficult for IT and HR teams to manage without automated support. 

The golden opportunity: Automation can resolve tech issues efficiently by allowing employees to self-serve through a conversational AI chatbot. An automated employee experience (AEX) directs employees to where they can find policies, technology how-tos, and detailed product information. This frees up IT, HR, and other internal leaders to focus on optimizing their teams’ output.


Achieving more with less (human intervention) using Ada

With the client using Workday to store employee information, it was integral that Ada’s brand interaction platform integrate the Workday API. The client launched Ada with a product improvement in 67 days. 

Previously, Ada’s HTTP request block had only supported JSON input and response with the ability to retrieve, submit, and make partial changes to the information from the API, create new or overwrite existing information, and delete information. Ada implemented a new feature, adding support for XML and Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) endpoints to the HTTP request block to enable the integration with Workday. The client also set up two out-of-the-box integrations with Zendesk: the first, to automate the creation of non-urgent tickets in Zendesk Support; the second being Ada Glass, a seamless and contextual handoff from automation to a live agent in Zendesk Chat when needed.

Now, Ada’s conversational AI sits at the forefront of employee inquiries, pulling the Workday API into the greeting of each conversation to validate the employee’s name, role, location, and management level. Conversation flows are designed around policy and process variances by location, and the bot proactively provides the personalized information based on this. 

“It used to take us days to resolve a ticket depending on where in the world our employees were located. Now it takes us seconds without any human interaction from IT. We have been able to turn off phone/email support and move most of our helpdesk headcount to other objectives. Our CFO is ecstatic about this project!”

Chief Information Officer
Anonymized Enterprise Client

Using Ada, the client was able to completely deactivate their phone and email support systems, and provide around the clock, instant global support in four languages. 15% of their staff are using Ada’s platform on a weekly basis, and half of their help desk staff have been assigned to other more impactful projects, like implementing new IT software and tools, building strategies for hiring and retention, and handling mass incidents.

Ada for ITSM

Employees, like your customers, want instant access to their most pressing questions. Ada’s brand interaction platform is not only a useful tool to delight customers, it’s capabilities can be applied to simplify, optimize, and improve internal operations and processes that provide employees with best-in-class experiences.

Ada’s no-code and out-of-the-box integrations allow organizations to build and launch in less than 30 days. And as your workforce grows, Ada grows with you, scaling help desk support across departments and geographies without increasing headcount.

“We had tremendous success adopting conversational AI. It was proven technology from an incredible company with world-class support. Statistically, Ada closes 10X tickets a day than the average person. And allowed our team to focus on more complex issues.”

Transformational IT Senior Executive
Anonymized Enterprise Client

With Ada for ITSM, businesses can:

  • Remove barriers to the tools and technology employees need to do their best work. Using Ada, organizations can automate repetitive inquiries that require little to no human intervention—password resets, login support, and system access for example—empowering remote employees to auto-resolve their inquiries from anywhere, at any time.
  • Prioritize urgency of requests and route inquiries to the right team members, reserving IT and HR teams for more complex and valuable projects that increase employee productivity and job satisfaction.
  • Integrate conversational AI with internal tech stacks and unify all interactions in one platform. Centralizing employee data and information from homegrown to third party systems enables easy optimization and personalization of the conversational AI.