The challenge

While the ecommerce industry has been steadily growing, the pandemic prompted a massive growth spurt, and companies needed to adapt to meet customer demands. 

Raise was only providing customer support through phone and email with a poor turnaround time that lagged between 12–24 hours. Raise needed to find an automated solution that would allow it to provide customer support immediately and at scale.

The opportunity

Raise was looking at solutions that:

  • Create meaningful interactions with customers to drive customer engagement, loyalty, and revenue, without increasing costs
  • Decrease customer support response turnaround times
  • Ensure that the AI platform can be easily built and managed by nontechnical CX teams

Simply put, Raise needed a solution that would allow it to quickly connect with and provide exceptional support for its customers at an affordable cost. It was able to do this with the help of Ada.

“Ada helps Raise achieve our goals every day by increasing efficiency for our agents, by decreasing turnaround time for our members, by allowing us to quickly get any new information in front of them. We’re hoping to use it as a marketing and revenue-generating tool to increase brand awareness.”

Erin Brusseau, Raise
VP, Operations

The successful outcome

As a result of implementing Ada, Raise was able to quickly expand the ways it connects with customers with:

Quick Implementation: Ada’s low technical lift makes it really easy for users of all technical levels. Its no-code integration enabled Raise to go live with the Ada chatbot in less than two weeks.

Salesforce Live Agent: Raise integrated Ada’s conversational AI platform with Salesforce Live Agent, which has allowed the chatbot to escalate customer problems when needed. Now it’s easy to collect customer information, put them in front of the right agent, and give agents full transcripts for context and AI-powered summaries to speed up resolution time.

Social Media Integration: In addition to Ada’s web-based chat and mobile app chat support, Raise has integrated Ada with Facebook Messenger to easily connect with customers who prefer to interact via social media.


The results are in...

Raise + Ada achieved:

  • An 85% containment rate (the rate at which brand interactions are resolved by the bot) 
  • A savings of over $133,000 as a result of 22,000 bot contained cases in 6 months 
  • A 45% decrease in support phone calls 

In addition to day-to-day demands, Ada helps Raise adjust to hectic seasonal shopping periods. With an increase in web traffic and sales from Black Friday through Cyber Monday shopping in 2020, Ada was able to service customers, contain questions, and update information quickly.

"We were able to make sure all our information was up to date and correct. We’re able to have a large containment rate within the bot. That’s the kind of agility Ada allows you to have during a holiday push or your busy season."

Erin Brusseau, Raise
VP, Operations

Looking to automate your CX? Here's what you should consider:

It’s important to create a customer experience strategy across the entire customer journey. By including support in existing marketing and sales customer journeys, you can deliver a comprehensive end-to-end customer experience that reduces costs and generates revenue.

While any e-commerce company can increase the number of support agents to meet the demands of its customers, it can often become expensive, especially for scaling companies like Raise. Using the right conversational AI platform can enable companies to service more customers while maintaining costs.