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Zoom Case Study

The world's fastest growing company automates 70% of sales inquiries using Ada

When COVID-19 disrupted our personal and professional lives in early 2020, Zoom instantly became a de facto tool for businesses and individuals to stay connected. But, how were they able to scale a consistent and high-quality customer experience across the entire lifetime of a Zoom customer?

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Position Brand and CX to Work Together, or Risk It All

To deliver on your brand promise, you need CX that harnesses insights, data, analytics, and a deep understanding of the customer to optimize every interaction. 

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Turn your cost center into a profit center

Find out how much you will save with Ada, and learn how automating your customer service with Ada will impact your business.

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The Impact of Automated Customer Experience (ACX)

30 days

to deflect 30% of inquiries

Up to 98%

reduction of customer wait time


inquiry deflection
Order tracking flow

Launch an AI chatbot in days

Building and managing a customer experience chatbot with Ada doesn’t tie up developers. Our no-code chatbot platform is made for CX professionals - those who know the best business best - to introduce an automation-first strategy that transforms the customer experience.
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Our AI chatbot takes your CX personally

Ada's chatbot automates so much more than FAQ's with personalized content in 100+ languages. From the first greeting to the final payment, turn on AI-powered customer service across every channel.
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Reveal new revenue with an AI-powered chatbot

Ada's AI chatbot takes its value beyond cost reduction by generating new customer revenue through up-sell and cross-sell. Customer service doesn't have to be a drain on your budget - in fact, Ada changes your customer support from cost to revenue center.
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Experts agree - Ada is disrupting the world of customer experience.


“Ada has delivered transformational, measurable results to some of the world’s most innovative brands.”


“Ada reduces wait times and allows companies to scale their offerings while maintaining existing support budgets.”


“Ada can automate more than 70% of a client’s customer interactions and save millions of dollars in overhead.”


“Ada’s automation is changing how people are working by creating completely new departments, titles and roles.”

Automate +30% of customer inquiries in 30 days
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"Ada truly has a partnership mindset and approach."

“It is intuitive and easy to understand.”

"Ada understands that every client is different."

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Forrester Report:

Increased Interaction and Proactive Engagement Drive Exceptional CX

In collaboration with Forrester Consulting, Ada surveyed Digital-first CX Leaders to understand how they are transforming the customer experience.

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