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Ada’s May Update: Say Hello to Our Newest Integrations

Written by Lynn Pine | May 18, 2021

We’re very excited to announce the launch of Ada’s new bells and whistles. Our focus for this month is integrations.

Integrations are very powerful tools to activate more valuable brand interactions, and we want to make that power accessible to you in a single click, no code required. With that in mind, we built new Glass integrations, Apps, and Blocks to deliver a smoother customer experience. Here’s a quick rundown of what to expect:

Glass Integrations:

  • Ada Glass for Intercom
  • Ada Glass for Oracle


  • Zendesk Sell
  • File Upload for Zendesk
  • Convey
  • Shopify
  • Gorgias
  • SendGrid


  • Answer Utilities
  • Token Vault
  • Date Picker

Ada Glass Integrations

Ada Glass is a powerful integration between our bot and your CXP ecosystem to seamlessly handoff conversations from chatbot to live agent in the same chat UI, making the experience effortless for your customers. A full transcript and an AI-powered chat summary are passed to your CXM inbox, giving agents the entire context to quickly take over the chat.

Ada Glass improves experiences for:

  • Agents: reserve them for high-value interactions, arm them with context for efficient resolution and faster handling time, and save their time and effort by automating administrative tasks.
  • Customers: delight them with unified and personalized conversational experiences, reduce effort by getting them speedy support through automation. When triaged to agents, customer information is collected and passed to agents to equip them with full context for the most efficient resolution.
  • Builders: empower non-technical CX team with a no-code integration that removes dependency in IT.


Ada Glass for Intercom

With Ada Glass, you can supplement Intercom with a better AI solution for excellent, scalable CX—especially if your business is growing quickly. 

Conversations don’t have to be discontinued and single-sided via emails, product tours, or push notifications. Our automation-first approach leverages Ada’s Conversational AI bot across the entire customer journey, from pre- to post-purchase. With Ada added to your Intercom stack, fast-growing businesses can finally unify fragmented sales, marketing, and support experiences in one singular chatbot interface that takes the entire customer experience into account.

And what kind of CX company would we be if we didn’t offer you great CX? You’ll have access to high-touch dedicated ACX consulting, as well as an ACX community and academy to ensure your success.

Ada Glass for Oracle

With Ada Glass, you can supplement Oracle Cloud Service with a better AI solution to fast-track Automated Customer Experiences across the entire customer journey for your enterprise. The no-code platform frees up your IT resources, cuts costs on IT outsourcing, and places CX in the hands of the teams that work most closely with your customers.

Ada’s intuitive drag-and-drop building interface enables your non-technical teams to build highly personalized customer experiences. Our bot comes with out-of-the-box branded customizability, such as bot icons, web chat icons, live agent avatars, advanced styling, and branding options. The best part? You only need to build 1 bot, which you can then deploy across multiple channels including web, mobile, social, and text messaging. Did we mention it can auto-translate into 100+ languages without a single line of code?

New Apps

Apps allow you to easily integrate Ada with third party systems to help your customers self-serve and complete actions, such as looking up order IDs or booking a meeting. These actions can be performed within the same chat UI and in a single brand interaction, which can guide customers through key steps along the customer journey and improves your CX.

Much like everything else we build, our apps require no coding skills or need an IT team to implement. You can effortlessly connect Ada with your tech stack to build more personalized experiences with the push of a button.

Zendesk Apps

Zendesk is one of the most popular CXM solutions for our clients, and a valued Ada partner. We’re always looking for new ways to enhance the Automated Customer Experience (ACX) for Zendesk clients and these 2 new apps do just that.

Zendesk Sell

The Zendesk Sell integration automatically turns pre-sales conversations into qualified leads. You can automate administrative tasks, and triage high-value opportunities to your sales reps so they can focus on what they do best: building valuable customer relationships and winning deals.

File Upload

Capture more information from your customers by allowing them to upload files straight into the chat UI—no more send-to-email workarounds! The uploaded file gets added automatically to the ticket created in Zendesk for the agent to review. This improves the chat experience for customers and reduces the back-and-forth required between agents and customers, speeding up resolution time.

Ecommerce Apps

Don’t let your agents get bogged down by high-volume, repetitive inquiries such as “where is my order?”. Ada’s AI chatbot offers shoppers instant insights into their order status, whenever they want them. This provides a great shopping experience by giving shoppers instant visibility into their order, reduces costs associated with WISMO inquiries, and frees up your agents for more complex tasks.


Leveraging Convey’s API and requiring zero technical effort, customers can easily look up information about their order using their order number.


Use Shopify Order Tracking to provide customers with instant insight into their order status, save your agents time, and drive customer loyalty. 


Ada’s no-code integration with Gorgias automates ticket creation and management for ecommerce businesses. The bot will be able to collect customer information and automatically create a support ticket in Gorgias so agents can act on it. This saves your support teams time on administrative tasks, reduces call volume, increases first response time, and results in a better CX.

Other Apps


With this integration, you can easily connect your email account to Ada to seamlessly send emails directly from the bot. You can use this feature to level up your marketing flows, send confirmation emails to your customers, send emails after specified points in the conversation, and enhance the customer journey with one unified experience.  

New Blocks

While not third-party integrations per se, Blocks are the—well—building blocks for your bot, and the more they can do, the more awesome your bot can be, both for your customers and your bot builders. 

Date Picker

The date picker presents your customers with an interactive way to pick dates from a calendar within the chat UI. This makes the chat experience more engaging and easier to use. It’s also much faster for customers to pick a date instead of typing it, and it leaves much less room for error.

Answer Utilities

Answer Utilities gives bot builders more ways of working with variables, allowing them to create more friendly, personalized flows that improve the customer experience. 

Token Vault

Add additional security to your dashboard with Token Vault. Fetched tokens are stored as sensitive variables and are no longer visible to bot builders in the dashboard, mitigating security risks and potential misuse.