Introducing CSAT Pro: A More Powerful Way To Collect and Analyze Customer Feedback

In this blog, Product Manager Michael Thorpe introduces Ada's new CSAT Pro feature. Read on to learn how CSAT Pro is making it easier for clients to identify root causes, measure CSAT, and optimize their CX.

Understanding how your customers feel about their interactions with your company is crucial to building long-term, high-value relationships. With the launch of CSAT Pro, Ada is making it easier for your customers to share their feedback. Plus, we're giving you more tools to understand customers' feedback and act on it to make their experience even better.

At Ada, we believe customer feedback is paramount to any customer service team. For this reason, CSAT Pro will be available to all of our clients at no additional cost. 

Uncover the root cause of low CSAT

CSAT Pro comes with brand new question types that can help you get to the root of your customer satisfaction scores. Easily add or remove these questions from your survey to hone in on the data you need to improve your customer experience

Customer engagement is the most important factor in every business. If you don’t have a conversational AI in your business yet, it’s not too late. CSAT Pro is available now!

In addition to the standard CSAT question, “Overall, how would you rate your chat experience?”, you can also enable the following questions:

  • Follow-up Questions -  Gives customers a predefined list of potential reasons why the chat went well or poorly
  • Resolution - Asks whether or not your customer’s inquiry was resolved
  • Comment - Gives your customers some space to explain more about their experience


Analyze your results with CSAT reports

The release of CSAT Pro brings two new reports—Customer satisfaction score and Satisfaction survey results—to help you find new insights and opportunities to improve your CSAT score.  

The new Customer Satisfaction Score report shows you how your customer experience is improving over time. As you make changes to your experiences, you’ll be able to easily track how that impacts your customers’ perceptions about their experience.

The Satisfaction Survey Results gives you an easy to audit table of all of your survey results that you can filter and sort to find opportunities for improvement. When you find a survey result you want to investigate further, just click it and you’ll be taken to the associated conversation so you can see exactly what happened. 

Rescue-a-chatter with new service recovery tools 

With our new service recovery tools, you can improve customer loyalty and retention by making things right with customers who didn’t have the best experience.

For Advanced and Enterprise clients, CSAT Pro comes with a bot answer that can be triggered whenever a customer shares negative feedback. If a frustrated customer is struggling to get the answer they’re looking for, they may rate the conversation negatively. Instead of letting that customer walk away upset, the negative rating will trigger the new Negative CSAT Answer, presenting an option to speak directly with an agent or perhaps offering a discount code - it’s totally configurable, so that’s up to you.

Additionally, we’ve created brand new CSAT variables that you can use to create new content based on a customer’s previous CSAT score. For example, if a customer gave a poor CSAT score last time they used your bot, the next time they engage with you, you might start the conversation by asking if they’d like to speak directly to an agent.

How to get started

CSAT Pro is available now. Speak with an Ada team member to get the most out of CSAT Pro. 

To learn more about how to optimize your CSAT while saving on costs, check out this article on CSAT Improvement vs Cost Optimization.

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