For many companies, Black Friday means months of preparation. You need to scale your sales and operations, and naturally, your support department—all to give your customers a smooth experience. 

But what if your brand’s Black Friday could come at any moment, with little to no warning? How can brands be locked and loaded for a surge in customer interactions? 

Before 2017, this is what other CX and customer support leaders at LiteBit and I were grappling with. LiteBit is a Netherlands-based cryptocurrency broker that enables everyday consumers to buy, sell, and store over 45 different types of cryptocurrency. And since one tweet or news article can change crypto prices drastically, we needed to be able to scale our customer support department by a factor of 10 within a couple of hours. But we didn’t know how yet. 

We needed a tool that could support all the languages LiteBit offers, that would be easy for our agents to use, and that had a native integration with Zendesk and 24/7 availability. With these requirements in mind, Ada was the best candidate to help us scale. 

So in November 2017, we partnered with Ada to tackle this issue and make flexible scaling possible. Within weeks, our conversational AI chatbot, Litebot, was giving our customers instant help and information through the channels of their preference.

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As the project sponsor, I showcased these immediate and measurable results to create interest in other internal departments. And from here, a transition started; our automation-first approach to CX evolved from solely support-focused to broader customer journey implementations.

Across multiple departments, customer journey teams were formed with key stakeholders in the automated CX (ACX®) project. Using Ada’s platform, we can:

  • Unify our teams by using one tool to optimize conversation flows 
  • Improve the overall CX and increase speed to lead by sending customers to our registration funnel quickly and efficiently
  • Engage customers in proactive messages to solve customer problems and provide extra information on opportunities flagged by the marketing team
  • Identify future improvements like personalised experiences along every step of the customer journey

“Ada makes the life of our support agents better.”
Ulas Arslan
Team Lead, Customer Support @LiteBit

Ada allows our User Experience (UX) developers to continue to be hyper-focused on optimizing the real estate of the web page without compromising the UX. We deployed Litebot as a 24/7, omnichannel, self-service support solution in 10 languages.

Now, our customers don’t need to wait long periods for high-risk, time-sensitive requests or switch pages to resolve inquiries on FAQs and be sidetracked out of the registration funnel. We can offer all the required information within the conversational AI, guide customers through the LiteBit’s Know Your Customer (KYC) process, and instantly provide additional information on requirements. And we’re able to track insights and improve our conversation flows quickly.

“The conversation between customers and the Ada chatbot helps us to improve the overall customer journey.”
Wido Schulten
Customer Journey Specialist @LiteBit

According to a joint report with Ada and Forrester, CX leaders build unique experiences by prioritising proactive and personalised digital interactions.

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We found out quickly that sending a generic message to every customer when they load a particular page doesn’t always yield the results our team had envisioned. Using customer data to inform them with proactive messages has been much more effective.

By collecting and storing customer data in one toolAda’s brand interactions platformcross-department, customer journey teams are unified in the overall CX strategy and can analyse data and customer feedback to identify the moments where customers need more information and turn unhappy conversation flows into happy ones. This includes our marketing and product teams.

With a laser focus on customer insights and UX, marketing and product teams are quickly and effectively flagging new opportunities to refine the CX and boost conversion rates through proactive messaging. 

“Ada is enhancing LiteBit’s customer journey and will only make it greater.”
Bas Lucieer
Director, Data and ACX @LiteBit

The next step and the future in improvements of the customer journey are personalized experiences on every step of the journeygiving the customer information needed to make the right decision right there when needed. Customers will get more information about the product they are currently viewing by connecting the product information database to the chatbot to give more information. 

Combining customer feedback, the questions asked to the Ada chatbot, and live agent tickets, we can put insights into action to get to that next phase in customer experience. Customers can ask contextual questions about the product to the chatbot without leaving the product page. And to reduce customer channel switchingfrom your website, app or going to their emailwe can send a proactive message about their order status change by sending events from the back-end of the conversational AI platform or Ada integration with the notification service. 

The goal is to make the core experience as lean as possible and provide a personalized solution on a customer basis. With Ada, we’re on our way.


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