Chatbots for SaaS: The Perfect Tool to Grow SaaS Revenue

As a SaaS business, your customers expect the same cutting-edge service with every interaction that they get from your software. Chatbots for SaaS keep your brand available and your customers engaged, even when your agents aren’t at their desks. Plus, they allow you to tailor the sales funnel so you can quickly identify and engage your best leads to increase conversions. An effective SaaS chatbot will help you boost sales without scaling your support costs. Here are the most valuable ways that chatbots for SaaS can help you grow your revenue.

Chatbots for SaaS help you meet the demand for high engagement

People get frustrated when companies don’t reply right away, and they always need answers yesterday. SaaS chatbots allow you to be available around the clock so you don’t lose a lead or disappoint a customer who’s ready to upgrade. They also grab the attention of SaaS audiences who want personalized support and aren’t satisfied with filling out contact forms form. By providing meaningful interactions at any time of day, chatbots for SaaS businesses can help you reach more customers and create more dialogue around your product.

The same thing applies when it comes to recruiting new customers. While agent availability depends on many factors, a SaaS chatbot is always available and can qualify leads 24/7. This frees up your agents to focus on the deals they can actually close, while the chatbot manages the lower-value inquiries. 

Support your Salesforce agents

Chatbots for SaaS can support your agents a number of ways. First, they can provide the frontline of customer support, taking repetitive tasks off your agents’ plates and freeing them up to spend their time on the higher-value queries. Your SaaS chatbot can greet your customers and resolve most requests right away. If your chatbot does route a customer to an agent, it can gather detailed personal information to personalize the experience and help the agent accelerate resolution. 

A SaaS chatbot for marketing can do the legwork around qualifying leads, then pass along the best prospects to your agents to close. A SaaS chatbot can also guide users to subscribe or upgrade immediately. And by being available 24/7, a SaaS chatbot helps fill in the gaps so your team is always covered and your customers are always satisfied.

Chatbots for SaaS make it easier to qualify leads and push them down the funnel

Chatbots for SaaS allow you to create an automated process for segmenting and responding to leads in a personal way. Your chatbot can ask questions to get an initial read, then pass the person to an agent, serve relevant content, or answer more questions about a subscription. More qualified leads = more sales, and a chabot can keep leads engaged from the very beginning. 

Plus, for any lead that doesn’t fit the ideal customer profile (ICP), your chatbot can gather detailed information from your Salesforce CRM, storing insights to pick the conversation up seamlessly when the customer returns. With this level of automation and personalization, you can make your sales funnel more robust and tailor the journey for each prospect. Loose leads become closed loops, and thanks to detailed information and continuous dialogue, agents can jump in and out at the right point in the conversation for maximum impact. 

Good customer support also leaves a lasting impression, and research shows that 86% of customers are willing to pay for a great customer experience. So adding a chatbot that delivers a satisfying customer experience will also help you grow revenue.

Chatbots for SaaS make upsell to existing customers easier

Chatbots for SaaS are able to reference information from your Salesforce CRM and customer history and encourage existing users to upgrade. For example, if a freemium user reaches out about a problem with their account, your chatbot can deliver an experience that’s so incredible, it convinces them not just to stay but to upgrade their plan, too. Your chatbot can qualify leads instantly by asking them questions about things like their preferences, how many users are on an account, or if they have a monthly vs. yearly membership. This will help the SaaS chatbot move any conversation towards more revenue opportunities.

Chatbots for SaaS can make your organization’s brand synonymous with “innovative”

Offering assistance the moment people engage with your brand helps solidify your position as a SaaS industry leader and will help you get ahead of the curve by working to close deals faster. A chatbot can also turn browsers into paying customers by proactively engaging them. Start by meeting people where they are—whether that’s on your website, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, WhatsApp, or their personal cell phone.  Simply asking, “How can I help?” rather than waiting for a visitor to reach out can help drive significantly more revenue. According to research, 70% of people are more likely to engage with a  business that proactively messages them. 

Don’t wait for customers to come to you. By enlisting chatbots for SaaS, you have the cutting-edge assistance that your brand reputation deserves, and you can bring in more revenue at the same time.

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Shir Fomin
Shir Fomin

Shir Fomin is the Senior Manager of Lifecycle Marketing at Ada. Before working at Ada, Shir has worked on Demand Gen teams at other tech start-ups and is driven by providing customers with the best possible learning experience at every step of their journey.

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