Ada’s Q2 update: New features to help brands move from answer, to action, to anticipate

Standing up a simple chatbot on your website and being able to respond to customer questions is no longer enough. Today, brands need to go beyond answering questions to fulfilling requests, with the ultimate goal of anticipating — and meeting — customer needs proactively. 

Which is exactly what Ada’s no-code Automated Brand Interaction (ABI) platform is designed to do. 

We power billions (you read that right — billions with a “B”) of conversations each year, helping companies all over the globe increase the scale and value of their brand interactions. We’re all about making every single customer feel like a VIP, every time they interact with your brand. That’s the focus of the new features we’re rolling out this quarter: making interactions more meaningful, experiences more personalized, and ultimately allowing brands to anticipate needs and drive action across the entire customer journey.

Engage customers and drive loyalty with Proactive SMS

Ada proactive sms dashboard

Start the conversation

Don’t wait for customers to slide into your DMs. Be the first to reach out with offers, updates, and reminders, or to pick up a conversation started on another channel. Powered by Ada’s unrivaled NLU and automation capabilities, Proactive SMS allows for two-way text message engagement that’s truly conversational. Ada doesn’t just match keywords, it actually understands what your customers say. And that makes for powerful, personalized SMS interactions — at any scale.

Power the IVR to SMS pipeline

Deflect conversations from the high-cost voice channel to low-cost, highly-customizable text messaging. Ada’s Proactive SMS API makes it simple; callers just select the option from an automated phone response and they’re seamlessly transferred to an SMS conversation. The benefits are numerous on both sides:

  • Reduce long wait times and customer frustration
  • Save costs by deflecting calls to an automated option
  • Boost agent productivity and shift their focus to higher value interactions
  • Increase containment and drive more revenue-generating opportunities
  • Move customers to a channel where they’re more likely to stay engaged, and offer 24/7 support

Deliver "always on" interactions with Twitter and Instagram

Deliver always on interactions with Twitter and Instagram

Get social with your customers

Now you can deploy Ada on whatever social media platform your customers prefer. With Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and SMS already in our lineup, these new additions make for a truly omnichannel experience. For ecommerce brands, Insta is a key point of contact as the platform has become a hub for shopping. Plus, Twitter is the #1 platform for discovery, with users spending 26% more time viewing ads than on other leading platforms and 53% of users more likely to be the first to buy new products. 

Keep it simple — and smart

This new feature makes it easy to automate brand interactions wherever customers prefer to reach out, with ticket creation and seamless handoff to an agent when a human touch is needed. Keep customers on their favorite social channel and agents in the CX platform they know best, making the experience seamless for all.

Discover a robust ecosystem of out-of-the-box applications with the App Directory

Ada App Directory

Find integrations easily

Ada offers a wide range of no-code integrations for everything from CRM systems to scheduling tools. All Ada apps are available out-of-the-box so you can get the fastest time to value. We launched our first-ever App Directory, where you’ll be able to browse all available integrations in one place and tailor your ABI to your heart’s content.

Add value at any scale

Our apps make it easy to deliver highly personalized experiences while enabling effortless automation, even for complex needs. Key examples include integrating with Shopify or another CRM to automate where is my order (WISMO) inquiries, serving up relevant content via a marketing automation platform such as Marketo or Hubspot, and connecting to scheduling tools like Calendly so customers can book meetings with your team easily and instantly. You can even integrate with a data enrichment tool such as Clearbit to power meaningful engagement with anonymous visitors.

Provide the best of AI and agent with Ada Glass for Zendesk Messaging

Ada glass for zendesk messaging dashboard

Enable seamless handoff and asynchronous chat

Part of setting up a great ABI strategy is enabling agents to step in when needed. With Zendesk adopting a messaging-first strategy, connecting customers and agents through asynchronous channels allows both sides more convenience – without losing context. Power asynchronous conversations between customers chatting with Ada and agents using Zendesk Agent Workspace (ZAW). Seamless handoff includes the conversation transcript, so the agent can jump right in and help.

Stand out with a uniquely Ada offering

We worked closely with Zendesk to build a differentiated integration with Sunshine Conversations. Brands can now marry Ada's front-end functionality with Zendesk Messaging to deliver a best-in-class automation and asynchronous messaging experience. Take advantage of powerful options such as A/B testing, Proactive Campaigns, and our leading NLU to deliver VIP brand experiences to everyone. Personalize conversations, action requests, and anticipate needs — all in the agent and customer’s own time, without ever losing the thread.

Drive action and deliver clearer customer experience with Cancel Capture improvements

Redesign of Ada's Capture and list option blocks

Give builders and customers a better experience

We’ve redesigned our two main data input features, Capture and List Option blocks, making it easier to hyper-personalize CX by capturing relevant customer data and tailoring to individual needs. An enhanced, intuitive UI gives customers clear direction, making it easier for them to get things done. Plus, the new UI adds flexibility for builders and gives them more control.

An easier way to view information

Give your agents an advantage with an enhanced display for chatter and conversation information in the Ada dashboard. Find training opportunities and improve content faster in the updated Conversations View. Search and filter to return relevant transcripts and build more efficiently. Improved chatter profile makes accessing chatter data easier than ever. 

Accelerate time to value, boost containment, and expand your reach with Improved Multilingual NLU

Multilingual natural language processing dashboard

To provide a true VIP experience, brands must be able to interact with their customers and employees around the world — no matter where they are or what language they speak.

With our new, improved Multilingual NLU capabilities, Ada can understand non-English languages even better. Brands can now train Ada directly in local languages for improved multilingual understanding and intent recognition. The new improvements also reduce the time to train Ada in each new language which lowers effort and expense while accelerating time to value and boosting containment.

We’re proud to say that Ada now has a 98.5% Language Detection accuracy, beating industry-leaders by 15%.

Lynn Pine
Lynn Pine

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