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Product launch: New capabilities to make your AI Agent smarter, more trustworthy, and reason like your top performer

Sarah Fox
Content Producer

At this time last year, most people didn’t know what an “AI Agent” was. Now, we can’t go a week without seeing another AI Agent pop up.

But did you know that Ada’s customers are the first in the world to hire AI Agents for customer service? And that their AI Agents are doing the work of 10+ human agents (for a fraction of the cost)? Right now, they’re resolving 65% of customer interactions without any human intervention. Sounds too good to be true, right?

But what if we told you that Ada’s AI Agent can go even further. Does 100% Automated Resolution Rate (AR%) sound like a goal you’re interested in crushing?

“We only consider an inquiry to be automatically resolved when Ada provides a relevant, accurate, and safe response to a customer, without involving a human agent.”

Mike Gozzo
Chief Product Officer

Look no further. Ada's new AI coaching and management tools will upskill its AI Agent to deliver even more extraordinary customer experiences.

We recently covered what's new in Ada and more in our annual Spring product launch . The livestream, presented by Ada’s internal experts, shared the release of new capabilities that will make your AI Agent smarter, more trustworthy, and reason like your top performing human agent.

And of course, we had to have a customer conversation to back it up. Here’s an overview of the event.

On the path towards 100% Automated Resolution Rate

We start with Ada’s beginnings. To catch you up, our first priority was to design and build a product that makes onboarding it into your customer service team a breeze. We wanted to give our customers a product that can start delivering value as quickly as possible.

But it was never our intention to stop there — 100% Automated Resolution Rate has always been on the brain. This is especially true for Chief Product Officer, Mike Gozzo. He kicked off the day by posing an interesting question to the audience: What would happen to your human agents if you stopped managing them?

One can assume, if you stop teaching employees new skills and coaching them, they’ll stagnate. And this has consequences for your business. Mike even says that “65% resolution rate on customer inquiries is all you’ll ever get — at best.”

Now, our sights are set on exceeding that number by making AI Agents even better at their jobs. To do this requires a paradigm shift: Manage your AI Agent for customer service the way you’d manage a human agent.

  • Give your AI Agent different reading materials to round out their knowledge of your company and your brand
  • Give your AI Agent feedback on its work so it can improve
  • Give your AI Agent precise instructions so that you can trust that it’ll adhere to specific regulations and satisfy compliance issues when needed

“Giving Ada the tools it needs to solve problems on its own is the path forward — this allows the AI Agent to keep learning and growing autonomously.”

Mike Gozzo
Chief Product Officer

How are we doing this today, you ask? Well that’s exactly what we’re going to show you next, along with a new set of capabilities we’re launching to level up Ada’s skillset. Grant Oyston, Product Marketing Manager at Ada walks us through some scenarios on how to equip the AI Agent with new skills through AI coaching and management.

New capabilities to coach and manage your AI Agent

That’s just a sneak peek of what’s covered in the full demo. Check out the on-demand recording to see how you can onboard Ada in real time, expand its knowledge, empower it to use internal tools and software, and promote it to answer customer questions on new channels like email . Here’s a quick overview of the new capabilities featured in our latest product launch.

Multilingual Knowledge, Web Scraper & Articles

By now you should know that onboarding the AI Agent to your customer service organization starts with connecting it to your knowledge base . Now you can train your AI Agent in multiple languages and resolve even more inquiries by connecting existing website content or adding Articles directly in Ada.

Rules & Test Scenarios

Some of the content you onboard to your AI Agent might only be relevant to certain audience segments. To ensure your AI Agent only shares the most relevant information to your individual customers, you can now target Knowledge, Guidance, and Actions by customer segment, location, channel, and more. Want to be 100% sure it’s working correctly? Set up a test chat!


It’s natural to want some control over what your AI Agent says to customers, especially when it comes to sensitive customer information and compliance-related inquiries. Now, you can create pre-written responses to specific questions and have the confidence that your AI Agent will always respond accordingly.

Multilingual Voice

Get ready to solve more phone inquiries across regions and languages. Your AI Agent for Voice can now speak to customers in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Swedish. Fantastique!


It’s almost time to promote your AI Agent — Ada for Email is on its way. Start automating complex, back-and-forth conversations with customers on this preferred customer service channel. Did we mention this makes us the first fully-generative omnichannel customer service platform?

Putting AI-first customer service into practice

Here’s where it starts to get really interesting. The event brought together two of our customers that have moved from scripted chatbot to generative AI Agent, Tango Card and Wealthsimple , to demonstrate how they’ve onboarded their AI Agents and how they’re improving them over time.

If you didn’t catch the livestream, you should definitely check out the full conversation between Adam Cole, VP of Business Technology at Tango Card and Meghan Myke, Client Experience Operations at Wealthsimple. Here are a few highlights to peak your interest:

The shift from chatbot to AI Agent

The focus now: What resolution really means

The new normal: Empowering humans to do more valuable work

Event takeaways

  1. The future of AI-first customer service requires us to have a shift in perspective on technology, going from software to employee.
  2. AI management: When you onboard, measure, and coach Ada like you would any other employee, its output will be on par — and potentially better than — that of human agents.
  3. We’re building Ada on a blueprint of technical advancements that puts our customers on the path to achieving a 100% Automated Resolution Rate.

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