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Revolutionize CX with Ada + Zendesk

Unleash powerful automated self-service and elevate agent efficiency. With Ada's leading generative AI technology on the frontlines of customer service, you'll resolve more inquiries automatically — and slash agent queues.

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750K in annual savings

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291% ROI

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65% reduction in live chat volume

Resolve more — and more complex — customer inquiries

When Ada and Zendesk work together, your customers notice — and so do your agents. Automate self-service, reserve agents for more valuable conversations, and reduce the cost of delivering exceptional CX.

Build once, support everywhere. Resolve faster.

Build once, support everywhere. Resolve faster.

Instantly support global markets in 50+ languages and deploy automation across the channels customers use every day with Ada's Sunshine Conversations integration.
Enable automated self-service. Empower agents.

Enable automated self-service. Empower agents.

Effortlessly create and fine-tune automation with Ada's AI-powered chatbot platform. Give customers on-demand self-service and free up agents for high-impact opportunities.
Equip agents with context. Reduce handle time.

Equip agents with context. Reduce handle time.

Integrate your customized Zendesk workspace into Ada to start resolving inquiries instantly. Hand off conversations with full context to the support team — on digital channels and over the phone — to reduce agent and customer effort.

“Ada's conversational AI platform partnered with Zendesk Sunshine Conversations provides a best-in-class experience for sales and support. Ada's ability to automate conversations and drive cost savings with simplicity and scale has made it a go-to solution for Zendesk customers of all sizes.”

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Pascal Pettinicchio
VP Alliances & Corporate Development zendesk logo

“We can now offer personalized, 24-hour support because the Ada chatbot, which we call GloBot, partners well with the Zendesk help center.”

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Eric Witman
Lead CX Systems Specialist boston globe logo

It's easier than you think

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Deploy accurate, relevant, and safe automation

Ada gives you the flexibility, customization, and integrations to set up quick-to-launch and easy-to-manage automation that best suits your business.

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Use Ada's generative AI tools to launch in seconds

Connect Ada to your Zendesk Guide knowledge base to instantly create conversational replies for messaging and phone channels. Generate content variations and rephrase content with no builder effort.

Learn more about how Ada uses generative AI

Resolve more phone inquiries at a lower cost

Resolve more phone inquiries at a lower cost

Automate the most popular (and costly) support channel by enabling customers to self-serve using natural language. Seamlessly deflect customers to lower cost messaging channels, and integrate with Zendesk Talk to transfer calls to a live agent when necessary.

Transform your IVR experience

Deliver more personalized experiences with integrations

Deliver more personalized experiences with integrations

Access Ada's robust suite of no-code integrations to the Zendesk suite, as well as out-of-the-box and custom integrations to third-party systems like order management and data enrichment tools.

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Did you know...

Mobile usage continues to grow and outpace desktop support inquiries for the SaaS vertical?

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“The automated chat experience feels conversational and genuinely feels like a seamless part of our customer experience. With the Zendesk and Ada integration, we were able to not only save costs on seasonal headcount, but we were also able to see revenue growth from customers who were being served at faster rates.”

Justin Michaud
Senior Manager of Customer Support

Automate your customer
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Explore how AI-powered automation can transform your business

Watch this roundtable webinar with guest speaker Rowan Curran, AI/ML Analyst at Forrester, and unpack the implications of generative AI on the strategy, people, and technology powering your customer service organization.

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Leveraging Ada's chatbot technology for self-service and capturing important details from customers before passing them to agents has both reduced the amount of interactions that get handed off and enabled agents to get customers the answers they need, faster.

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In spite of the billions companies spend on customer service, wait times are growing. Customers are churning. And everyone is struggling to hold on. Assess the damage, if you dare, with this infographic.

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Get the best of both worlds with Ada + Zendesk. See how automation can transform your customer service

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