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Build enterprise-grade automation with ease

No-code automation builder: Empower your CX team to design, manage, and continuously improve automation — from FAQs to complex workflows and integrations.

Multimodal: Share content and training between digital and voice channels to deploy a consistent customer service experience without duplicating effort.

Generative content creation: Create conversational FAQs in a single click. Sync Ada with your knowledge base to automatically generate new intents based on existing content.

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In just weeks, we were able to launch automated brand interactions that transformed the experience for our traveling customers, whenever and wherever they are in the world. We have cut customer wait times from more than one hour to less than one minute.

Bayley Clark | Head, Customer Happiness | AirAsia

Ada's customer experience solution has enabled us to decrease ticket handling time by over 90%! This gives our agents time to find new and exciting ways to interact with our customers.

Bas Lucieer | Director of Data and ACX | LiteBit

Extend and integrate for more personalized support

Out-of-the-box integrations: Easily build personalized, automated CX with hundreds of turnkey integrations to CRMs, MAPs, and ecommerce software.

Agent connectors: Integrate with integral customer engagement software like Zendesk, Salesforce, Talkdesk, and more — no rip and replace required.

Generative content creation: Sync Ada with your knowledge base to automatically generate new intents based on existing content.


Effortlessly train and improve performance

Industry-leading NLU: Power highly accurate automation. Ada's proprietary Natural Language Understanding (NLU) is trained on billions of customer service interactions.

Multilingual: Resolve inquiries in 50+ languages. Train in English or the language of your choice, and power more accurate conversations with Ada's language-agnostic model.

Smart training: Automatically create new training suggestions using generative AI to improve intent recognition and reduce time-to-value.


Uncover business insights

Comprehensive reporting: Track resolution rate, intent recognition accuracy, handoffs, and more, enabling teams to use actionable insights to optimize performance.

Conversation Topics: Define and measure conversation topics to identify customer insights and trends.

AI-powered improvements: Guide bot managers on where to focus their efforts with insights into content gaps, training similarities, and other areas of confusion to improve performance.

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“Ada does the work of our 22 agents per month, so on Monday mornings specifically, our agents come into work without a mountain of emails to tackle.”
“Without in-depth integrations and using just basic the Q&A flows, we have achieved a 70% containment rate within the bot and a massive 27% deflection in customer contact across all contact channels.”
“Ada’s leading AI platform helps us focus on creating value for our customers.”

Imagine a world without customer service queues. Automate it with Ada.

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