3 Ways AI Unlocks the Benefits of Omnichannel Customer Engagement

Consumers have never been more connected. The average person owns six mobile devices to access 40+ apps every month. And as the number of digital channels continue to increase, so too do customers' expectations for businesses to provide omnichannel engagement.

In fact, omnichannel engagement has become core to brand differentiation. 95% of businesses know how important multi-channel engagement is for targeting, however, only 73% have a strategy in place. More than half of businesses still site lack of resources and high IT investment as top barriers to deployment.

A powerful, personalized AI powered chatbot  like Ada removes these obstacles. Ada has been purpose-built to provide businesses with the ability to empower their non-technical teams to launch and manage omnichannel customer experience without having to engage timely and costly IT resources and in-house developers.

As AI-powered automation is launched across each additional channel, businesses are able to reach new customers while improving their CSAT and bottom line.

Drive customer loyalty by turning on sought-after support channels

Customers are seeking out businesses that engage them across the mobile channels they’re already actively using like a brand’s app, Facebook Chat, and even SMS. According to Aberdeen Group, companies with strong omni-channel engagement retain on average 54% more customers than those that don’t.

Deflect more inquiries to save agents and customers time and effort

By introducing AI-powered automation across multiple channels, businesses are able to exponentially increase the number of tickets deflected from agents' inboxes. Over and above simply FAQs, by letting customers check personal information, make account changes, and process payments on their own, they're freed from long timelines, and agents are freed to tackle more complex inquiries. A win/win.

New channels serve as doors to dynamic data

According to Gartner, by 2020 more than 40% of all data analytics projects will relate to an aspect of customer experience, and AI will be core to these efforts. By activating automated assistance across all possible channels, businesses are able to tap into more in-depth data that provides real-time insights into customer inquiries, interests, and actions – data and trends garnered from customers previously not reached with single channel support.

Today, 60% of consumers expecting a consistent brand experience, whether in-store, online, or via text – a number only anticipated to grow.

Reach out to learn how Ada’s customer service platform can support your team in introducing, managing, and maximizing the benefits of personalized, automated multichannel customer engagement.

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