How to Prepare For Your Brand’s Superbowl Moments

By now, you’ve realized that shying away from interactions with your customers is a concept entering the stone ages. More interactions equal more business, and the more personal, the better. 

Hyper personalized, proactive brand interactions become especially important during your brand’s “Superbowl moments” — the holidays, sales, and times of the year when your product or service is in high demand. 

Brands have learned — and sometimes the hard way — that preparation for these moments should come early. For some, this may look like a strong marketing campaign leading up to heavy consumer holidays, like Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM). For others, it could be assembling the support needed to manage seasonal spikes in customer support volumes.

In any case, for a brand to stand out in a crowded digital space they need to be armed with a winning CX strategy. If customers feel valued at every interaction, you’ve got a fan for life. 

But you need the right tools and technology to bring it to life. 

Across industries — from eComm to SaaS and FinTech — the approach to hyper-personalized brand interactions changes, but the foundation remains the same. Conversational AI, equipped with the right integrations, is how brands become the winning team.

How to Win in Ecommerce

For CX leaders, there couldn’t be a more important time to show your customers you care. As they get ready to purchase that big item they’ve saved up for all year and the gifts that will make their loved ones smile, a positive brand experience is paramount. Every interaction needs to be one they will remember—and for the right reasons.

Applying conversational AI as the first layer of interaction between your brand and your customers will take your ecommerce CX strategy across the finish line. Set your brand up for a touchdown this season with the right integrations.

WISMO (Where is my order?)

One of the biggest COVID-19 takeaways for businesses is that the ability to adapt to the changing market is crucial to holding customer interest and driving loyalty. 

Post-pandemic, brands are reflecting on their successes and downfalls associated with moving their commerce from brick-and-mortar retail to digital-first, and many have recognized product deliveries — and the customer inquiries associated — as being consequential.

More than two-thirds of shoppers won’t return to a retailer after a bad delivery experience. Read that back.

To provide customers with a stand-out online shopping experience, brands need to give them instant visibility into their order delivery statuses with little lift on their part. Conversational AI integrations can address WISMO inquiries instantaneously and integrate a seamless, consistent, and branded online delivery experience into existing CRMs with zero technical effort.

For example, Ada’s Shopify WISMO integration allows customers to access their order details by simply entering their order number or email address to pull up their order history and resolve inquiries quickly and efficiently within the virtual assistant.

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Chat-Assisted Checkout

Conversational AI capabilities are accelerating past bare minimum agent support. With fierce competition waiting on the sidelines, moving your customers from the cart to checkout requires hyper personalization of your brand interactions.

Customers need assistance with the nitty-gritty of purchasing, from product discovery and recommendations, to sizing and fitting guidance, inventory updates, and targeted discounts that come in at the right time. For example, a discount message that comes in at the moment a user opens your ecommerce site versus that same discount prompt at the moment they click on a specific product or add it to their cart is going to have very different results. 

Leveraging the power of your automated CX (ACX®) in the checkout process can accelerate payment. Ada’s integrations into ecommerce platforms like Shopify make this easy for brands to implement and show your customers they’re valued at every touchpoint in the customer journey.


Conversational AI can (and should) assist in sales conversion, using no-code integrations ready-built for ecommerce. When reviewing sales from customers who engaged in a chat before making a purchase, Forrester found a 10% increase in the average order value compared to those that did not use chat. With the right integrations, you can offer options to upsell and cross-sell, and to speed-up and simplify the checkout process. 

With integrations applied at the perfect time for customer needs, brands can provide quick access to inquiries on specific products of interest with options and recommendations provided. Options to add to the cart or head straight checkout are displayed in the conversation so brands can send customers directly to the finish line.

How to Win in SaaS and FinTech

It’s easy for brands to declare who they are, what they do, and why they do it—their brand promise. Proving it is much harder to do.

To deliver on this promise — best-in-class customer support, putting the customer first, or providing customers with an exceptional service — SaaS and FinTech brands need the harmonization of CX across the end-to-end customer journey. 

Siloed departments and data ecosystems make this difficult. Holistic CX relies on your brand’s ability to optimize the conversion funnel, from marketing, to support, to sales. And to do this, you need a tool that can capture and contextualize customer data quickly into proactive brand interactions.

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Put it this way: if proactive interactions are the branches that reach your customers where they are, your ACX platform is the tree, and customer data is the h20 that feeds it. 

SaaS and FinTech companies need a platform that captures insights at the moment of interaction to prepare them for their next play — this becomes even more critical moving into the holiday season. 

Investing in your CX strategy early allows you to get ahead of the game and leverage variables and conditions to trigger targeted campaigns and offer customers personalized experiences that drive engagement, conversion, and revenue. This can be deployed everywhere from everywhere a customer may look to interact with you, from your website to social messaging channels. 

Taking a data-driven approach to CX will allow you to measure conversational AI’s effect on your bottom line. With integrations like Ada’ Engage’s Goals and A/B Testing, brands can track custom-set goals and measure the impact on desired business outcomes and easily track customer success. 

Measure the leading indicators of revenue through your conversational AI, like the number of demos booked, leads generated, and checkouts fulfilled. Run experiments, optimize quickly, and improve performance with agility. Emerge victorious.

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