The Inside Scoop: What Are the Most Popular Integrations Among Ada Clients

One of the reasons that our clients love using Ada so much is our robust catalogue of integrations—all of which work right out of the box. The right combination of integrations can power your Automated Customer Experience (ACX®) efforts, helping you scale thoughtful, proactive, personalized brand interactions across the entire customer journey.

I was curious to learn more about what our most popular integrations are and how our clients are using them, so I checked in with Michael Chang and Smile Sikand, Senior Product Managers at Ada. Both Michael and Smile have the opportunity to work closely with our clients, listen to feedback, and incorporate that into new features and products. This is by no means a comprehensive list of apps and integrations available for Ada, just the ones that are consistently used or requested. 

Here’s what Michael and Smile had to say...

Top 3 integrations for sales and marketing

When I posed this question to Michael, he simply said “the integrations that come with Ada Engage.” This is music to my ears. It tells me that we’re developing exactly the right tools that sales and marketing teams need to deliver stellar ACX, and that our offering is truly making a difference for our clients. Learn more about what comes with Engage.

CRM or Marketing Automation Platform

Integrations with Zendesk Sell, Salesforce, Hubspot, and Marketo are high up on the list of priorities for our clients. Their marketing and sales teams use these platforms as their central source of truth for storing contacts and leads. 

By using these integrations, they’re able to pull customer data to create proactive messaging that provides tailored content or product recommendations, as well as deliver personalized service. These integrations offer valuable insight into the customer journey, arming the sales team with contextual information so they can have impactful conversations from the get go. 

Zoom integrated Ada into their own CRM, which helped them scale their marketing and support teams to handle the incredible growth they witnessed between December 2019 and April 2020. Ada automated 70% of sales inquiries, generated leads in Salesforce Service Cloud, and pre-qualified opportunities to reduce the Online Account Executive team’s handle time by 33%. One average, Ada saves OAEs 30 minutes per day of rote qualifying efforts, allowing them to focus on higher value sales activities.

Calendar Booking

Sales and marketing teams who were tired of the tedious back-and-forth that needs to happen to schedule a meeting with a prospect love our calendar integrations. 

Calendar integrations (also known as book-a-meeting integrations), such as Calendly or Coconut Calendar, or Chilipiper, allow high intent prospects to book a meeting from a calendar within the chat UI. The bot can ask qualifying questions to understand what kind of assistance the chatter needs, and of course, sync with your teams’ calendars to allow the chatter to book the next available time slot.

A self-serve integration like this eliminates confusion, saves your agents and the chatters time and effort, and ensures high-intent prospects receive immediate attention.

Data Enrichment 

Data enrichment integrations are particularly popular among SaaS companies using Ada Engage for lead generation. SaaS clients want to be able to tap into data enrichment platforms like Clearbit or Zoominfo in order to get data such as name, company, and company size on anonymous visitors to their sites. They use this info to segment and target users with personalized experiences from the very first interaction.

Top 3 integrations for support teams

Support teams need chatters to be able to self-serve when it comes to repetitive or mundane inquiries. This means they prioritize integrations that allow customers to perform an action or achieve an outcome. “Depending on the context, an outcome can be booking a meeting or a demo, claiming warranty by sharing a photo of the broken product they received, or being able to search something on the help centre,” clarified Smile. 

Calendar Booking

Calendar booking apps get another shout-out here. Chatters who have complex inquiries that require human attention can easily use the calendar apps to book a convenient time to speak with a support agent—no more waiting on hold forever.


Order tracking apps and “Where Is My Order”—or WISMO—integrations such as Shopify and Convey are very popular among support teams at eCommerce businesses. Using these integrations, customers can get instant visibility into their order delivery status whenever they want. This reduces the number of costly WISMO tickets sent to customer support agents, and saves your agents’ time for more complex inquiries. In fact, using one of Ada’s WISMO integrations, Shapermint was able to contain 75% of order inquiries within their chatbot.

Ticket Creation and Management

For a lot of our clients using the Zendesk ecosystem, apps such as ZD Ticketing and File Upload have proven to be essential. These apps seamlessly generate support tickets from conversations within the chatbot, adding context and allowing chatters to upload files relevant to their inquiry. This reduces the back and forth between chatters and agents, speeding up resolution times.

Overlooked integrations you should know about

One of Ada’s core values is making automation accessible to non-technical teams. We work hard to create apps that easily integrate with Ada out-of-the-box. But Michael thinks there’s a big opportunity for clients to create custom integrations using our HTTP request.

“With custom integrations, clients can integrate Ada with any system that has open APIs, even if Ada doesn’t currently have an out-of-the-box integration for that system. When we spot enough clients using their “custom integration” on the same systems, that’s when we think about investing and building out that integration so it’s available for other clients too!” he explained.

Our product team is always in touch with our partners and clients, keeping their ears to the ground to find popular use cases like that and acting on them. This is how we can keep fine tuning Ada and making sure we deliver—and we help you deliver—the best ACX.

Creative use cases for integrations

It’s always exciting when our clients surprise us with how they use our product. One case that stuck with Michael the most has to do with testing.

Moneylion integrated into their own systems with Ada so that they can run A/B tests within the chatbot—a functionality we do not currently support. I found that super interesting, and also evidence that some of our clients want A/B testing capabilities badly!” Michael said. This ended up being a great example of why businesses should be taking advantage of custom integrations. 

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