Launching Our Latest Platform Features

We’re excited to launch the latest iteration of Ada’s platform features, designed to make it even easier to provide AI-powered chatbot as the first line of customer service.


As part of this exciting new line-up, we’ve launched “Intros,” a feature that lets our clients proactively initiate a chat with website visitors. With a choice of customizable messages and emoji, clients can set the content and timing of Intros across each website page. This targeted content helps solve issues, drive new sales, and capture leads.

Segmentation Blocks



No two customers are the same, and nor are their inquiries. This is why we’ve also introduced “Segmentation Blocks,” which allow our clients to set unique conversation flows based on a customer’s responses, attributes and goals. This feature automatically determines the level of customer support required, targets high-value customers, and delivers responses tailored to a customer’s information, interests, and intent.

Answer On/Off



We believe service automation should be accessible and approachable. Which is why we’ve introduced new functionality that makes it even faster for non-technical teams to build answers with Ada’s conversational AI. With a new On/Off switch users can prepare, share and save bot answers before they go live for customers to interact with.

Drag and Drop Editor



We’ve also added a new 'Block Bar' with drag and drop functionality that makes it even simpler for users to add rich content and customize each response.

We’re excited to learn alongside our clients as they explore how these features help maximize the results of Ada’s AI-powered platform.Reach out to learn more about Ada and to experience a live demo for yourself.

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