Everything you need to know about the first in-person Ada Interact

We’ve done the research. We’ve analyzed the data. We’ve collected the feedback, and we’ve launched new features to help brands move from Answer, to Action, to Anticipate. Now, we’re ready to share the inside scoop with you.

That’s right, Ada Interact is back by popular demand. And this time around, we’re doing it in person.

What is Ada Interact?

Ada Interact is our premier event, bringing together thought leaders across industries to discuss the biggest trends in tech, the latest thinking around Automated Brand Interaction (ABI), and the technology that powers the best brand experiences in the world.

Learn how your brand can stay on top during times of economic uncertainty and decline. Attendees will find out what VIP experiences look like, the features only Ada can provide to power them, exclusive insight into our ABI framework, and how you can use it to grow your business without depending on headcount or narrow “per-seat” pricing models.

We’re bringing our community together to put an end to broken brand experiences and close the gap between what brands promise and how they actually interact…for good.

How can you attend?

Ada Interact will be held in Chicago on September 14. For the first time ever, we’re bringing together our customers, partners, and Ada experts in person. We’ve waited a long time for this. It’s an understatement to say we’re eager to meet you face-to-face — we’re living for it.

Of course, as a digital-first company, there will be a virtual option, too. We invite you, from wherever you are in the world, to join us and get in on the action.

Ada Interact Chicago

What can you expect?

Get ready for ultimate automation inspiration. September 14 will be a day to remember, to say the least. We’re hosting a full day of presentations and breakout sessions. Here’s a preview of what we have in store.


Sessions for in-person and virtual attendees

Our morning sessions will be available live in Chicago, and broadcasted to participants across the globe. Tune in for forward-looking talks about the value of automation in any economy. We’re covering the gamut of ABI — from breaking down what’s really “best-in-class” and new paradigms that will forever change the way you think about brand interaction.

  • Executive keynote by Ada’s CEO Mike Murchison 
  • Automated Brand Interactions: A New CX Benchmark with Ada's CMO Ruth Zive
  • Product keynote with Ada's CPO Mike Gozzo
  • Asynchronous By Default: The New Paradigm For Brand Interactions


Exclusive to in-person attendees in Chicago

Let’s start by saying, we truly can’t wait to see you in Chicago. We’re going all out.

Make sure you arrive in time to join us in the evening on September 13 at The Old Post Office. In its postal heyday, the property was the largest of its kind in the world.

The welcome reception will be hosted on the 3.5 acre urban rooftop, the largest of its kind in the city, offering an exclusive opportunity to experience breathtaking views of the Windy City and  indulge in some of Chicago's finest fare and the local favorites.


On conference day, after the morning sessions and the networking lunch, you can handpick sessions from three different tracks: Leadership Panels, Automation in Action, and Interaction Labs.

Thought Leadership Panels

Discuss the biggest trends hitting the tech industry today with experts and fellow participants. Get the relevant knowledge on how automated brand interaction is the best path forward, and insights across verticals, use cases, and functions. We’ve got some compelling conversations in store.

The value of automation in any economy

Automation is the stabilizing force your brand needs today. By future-proofing your brand with automation, you’re setting yourself for any economic environment, safeguarding your operations and giving you the opportunity to scale up or down instantly.

Frameworks for decision-making in automation technology

To build, or not to build? That is the question. This session will cover the most important evaluation criteria for brands to consider when assessing automation partners, the pitfalls to avoid, and the must-ask questions in your decision-making process.

Move from Action to Anticipate — delivering personalized interactions at scale with applications

The support landscape is complex, with companies challenged to provide seamless and secure experiences while navigating legacy infrastructure, compliance, and ever-evolving customer preferences. With easy-to-add partner applications, Ada’s platform has the technology capabilities to accelerate automated brand interaction strategies.


Automation in Action

We’re inviting you to explore the solutions of our ABI framework. You’ll join an engaging mix of business innovators, industry experts, and world-class tech leaders, who will share their stories of automation success and the tools they used to power the world’s best brand interactions.

Scaling to international markets with Ada

A digital world is global by definition. There's only one internet, and you need to assume your brand will transcend borders. To strike the delicate balance between universal brand values and the behaviors — nay, interactions — that back them up, brands need to be accountable to cultural differences in diverse markets. Learn how brands are scaling to reach international markets while maintaining brand consistency with automation.

Personalizing automated interactions by audience and intent

Simple chatbots are expensive search engines. But the Automated Brand Interaction (ABI) framework is about the whole journey for everyone who interacts with your brand. Learn how to apply it to various personas across the entire journey with your brand to drive conversion, decrease cost of service, and reduce customer effort for a best-in-class experience.

Driving efficiency with new automated engagement strategies

No one likes to be “deflected.” Every interaction is an opportunity to build trust, deliver value, and, ultimately, drive growth. Brands who are looking to reduce cost of service by talking to customers less are thinking about the problem backwards. While some tools can help to automate low-hanging fruit, the right tools can help brands scalably increase customer engagement and drive efficiency while improving — not compromising — customer experience.

Interaction Labs

Get hands on with Ada. Our team of experts will show you the ABI best practices that brands use today to quickly resolve common questions, provide personalized responses and facilitate action, and anticipate your customers’ next steps and act preemptively across multiple channels.

Design thinking workshop

Reserved for Ada customers only, this interactive workshop will allows you to collaborate with your peers from other organizations to ideate on solutions for shared business challenges. Guided by Ada's Professional Services team, you will apply user-centred methodologies and walk away with a potential roadmap to elevate your customer interaction strategy.

Sandbox workshop

Ready to get hands on in Ada's platform? You'll receive access to your own personal demo environment, and our Solutions Consulting team will teach you the builder basics. See for yourself how quickly you can automate best-in-class CX for your brand with Ada. 

Let us help you convince your boss to attend Ada Interact.

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