Betting on Ada to strengthen award-winning CX

Motivated by a vision ‘to provide the best customer experience in the industry’, Betsson Group knew it had to stay ahead of customer expectations by introducing an automated self-service solution. To better meet its global customers’ needs, the brand wanted a solution that would extend support hours to 24/7 while introducing personalized support available in every customer language.

With a goal to strengthen its award-winning customer experience through digital transformation, Betsson Group chose Ada to scale automated support across its top two websites, Betsson and Betsafe.

In less than a month—and with minimal dependence on IT—Betsson Group’s customer service team used Ada’s AI-powered platform to design, build, and launch two chatbots ready to provide customers with automated, 24/7 assistance with engaging multimedia content, including videos, images, GIFs and links.

Connecting Ada with the company’s back-end allows customers to use the chatbot to:

  • Answer questions specific to deposit and withdrawal issues and concerns
  • Receive targeted promotions based on search behavior
  • Learn about Betsson Group’s offerings and compare against competitors


Reaching international audiences

Leveraging Ada’s Multilingual feature, Betsson Group creates and automates content in English, then instantly translates it to six languages, including: German, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Spanish. This allows customers around the world to access automated self-service in the language of their choice.

“We are constantly looking for new and innovative solutions to improve the customer experience and also assist our agents in their day to day work. Together with Ada we have been able to do both of these things, allowing us to be even more available and to provide faster resolution times. We are continuously finding new ways of using Ada to improve the service to our customers.”

Aleksej Ander Betsson Group
Aleksej Ander
Operations Manager, Betsson Group

Enabling a streamlined AI to agent handoff

By connecting Ada with Betsson Group’s existing live chat vendor, when a customer requests an agent, they’re provided with a link that seamlessly escalates them from chatbot to live chat. To accelerate time to resolution, the agent is provided with the chatbot transcript so that they can pick up the conversation where the chatbot left off.

Proven value, year-over-year

Despite initial fears that a chatbot may hinder the customer experience, the strength of Ada’s automation has enabled Betsson Group to maintain its CSAT and industry-leading CX leadership, winning the ‘2019 Customer Service Operator of the Year’ award by EGR (eGaming Review), for the fourth time in a row.

With thousands of interactions automated each month, Betsson Group gains new data and insights that they can use to strengthen their chatbots’ performance while improving platforms, offerings, and processes across their brand.

“We’re focused on creating the best possible experience for our customers, and that means the tools we use need to be powerful and flexible enough to match our vision.”

Jesper Svensson
CEO, Betsson Operations