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Ada Interact 2023: Bringing you closer to the future of AI-first customer service

Sarah Fox
Content Producer
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At last year’s Ada Interact, we predicted the rise of AI. Does it take the “humble” out of “humble brag” to say we were spot on?

Since then, we’ve learned that to effectively implement generative AI , we first need to flip the human-first customer service paradigm on its head. That’s why, at Ada Interact 2023, we’re doubling down on AI-first CX.

If you’re curious about the future of customer service, you won’t want to miss this. We’re giving attendees all the insight they need to navigate an AI-first customer service world, with additional opportunities to network with and learn from automation solution pioneers and get exclusive demos of the latest in CX technology.

We have a stacked agenda — interactive keynotes, panel discussions, executive round-tables, and hands-on workshops from industry leaders from organizations like Conversation Design Institute, Vox Mobile, and Intuit Mailchimp. With two expert led learning tracks, mainstage events, and breakout sessions, there’s something for everyone.

Let’s dive into what you can expect from Ada Interact 2023 in San Francisco.

Rooftop kickoff at LUMA Hotel

It all starts with a welcome reception at LUMA Hotel’s Cavaña on November 14. Meet us on the rooftop as we bring together a few of our favorite things: breathtaking views, South American food and drinks, and networking with leaders in the CX and automation industry.

This is the perfect way to launch the event in a casual setting. Meet and mingle with other conference goers, make valuable connections, and get excited for the big day.

Mainstage events: Where customer service is headed and how to get there

Get ready for the show! On November 15, we’re bringing leaders from Ada and some of the world’s most impactful brands to the mainstage.

Our very own Mike Murchison, Ada’s Co-Founder and CEO, kicks off the day with a big picture look at the present and future state of customer service. Along with the foundations for navigating an AI-first approach to CX, Mike will introduce the new Northstar for CX, Automated Resolution.

The day’s keynotes will not only give you a high-level look at trends for 2024, you’ll also get practical tips on how to implement AI to enhance the customer experience. For starters, Ada’s Chief Customer Officer, Jim Monroe, will explore how companies can increase Automate Resolution rate with a panel of industry experts.

The day will also include a closer look at organizational change and decision making in the customer service organization and the art and science of applying prompt engineering to CX.

We’re thrilled to announce that Square’s Global Director of Customer Empowerment, Justin Gonzalez, will be taking the stage in the morning to walk us through Square’s playbook for delivering next generation customer experiences at scale. Justin will share how Square’s early investment in AI and automation is a major contributor to their success today, and where and how they plan to invest further.

The mainstage events speak to the sweeping changes in CX industry wide, and we can’t wait to engage participants with diverse interests and specialties. And that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Strategic and technical breakouts: Learn from peers and experts

For those of you looking for a more hands-on learning experience, we have an entire suite of breakout sessions, roundtables, and workshops covering a range of topics, from building up bot managers to operationalizing global support.

Each will be facilitated by an authority practitioner and CX leader, giving attendees the opportunity to hear from their peers and experts in the industry about what challenges they’ve been facing, and what’s working for them.

We’re especially excited about the workshop hosted by Conversation Design Institute’s CEO, Hans van Dam, on conversational design in the age of generative AI. For those of you working behind the bot, I’m sure questions about how to style your own unique brand voice or how to design your chatbot to be more inclusive and human-centric have been top of mind. You’ll learn which elements should be kept in mind when bot building, and the secret recipes behind a good AI conversation.

And for those bot builders and managers out there, there’s more. Ryan Engley, a leadership and executive coach and the former SVP of Customer Service at Unbounce, will show you the ropes. His hands-on workshop is focused on helping bot builders explore and learn new behaviors that can lead to career growth, leadership skills, better cross-functional collaboration, and more. This is your opportunity to get concrete advice on how to become a more confident bot manager and CX automation and AI leader.

The generative AI toolkit for customer service leaders

Evolve your team, strategy, and tech stack for an AI-first future.

Get the toolkit

No matter which events you choose to attend, you’ll come back with actionable insights to empower your team. Ada Interact is all about sparking conversations, so by sharing your perspective, you’ll help build collective expertise to shape the future of CX. Come to learn, and leave with the power to change the world, one chat(bot) at a time.

Meet the speakers

We’ve given you a taste of what you can expect at this year’s Ada Interact, but we haven’t spilled all the tea just yet. We have more CX leaders joining us, alongside Hans, Justin, and Ryan. Here’s the rest of the speakers on deck.

Anna Skidmore | VP of Customer Care, IPSY

Anna is an operations executive with over 15 years of experience in high-growth start-ups in the beauty, fashion, and athleisure ecommerce sector. She oversees IPSY's Customer Care team, managing vision, partnership, and self-service strategy.

Ron Pollock | COO, Vox Mobile

Ron Pollock oversees operations, client experience, and sales at Vox Mobile. With a focus on developing and executing the strategy roadmap of each Vox Mobile service, Ron and his team drive industry-leading end-user satisfaction and employee retention.

Sarah Ricketts | Director of Business Solutions, Intuit Mailchimp

Sarah has 15 years of experience in business technology and digital transformation across various industries. As Director of Business Solutions at Intuit Mailchimp, she leads a team focused on tooling capabilities for their customer team’s tech stack.

Stephanie Stafford | Senior Director of CX and Corporate Sales, YETI

Stephanie leads global customer experience strategy at YETI. With a career spanning 20+ years, she excels in relationship building, service excellence, and customer retention.

And that’s not all. We have more speaker announcements to come. Follow along on LinkedIn to hear it first. 

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