What Personalized CX Looks Like In Different Industries

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve no doubt heard about the importance of hyper personalization for delivering the best possible automated customer experience (ACX®). Not only do people today expect it, personalization helps brands earn their trust, enhance affinity, and build long-term loyalty—all of which add value to your customer interactions.

The key to personalizing ACX is to use all the data that’s available to you, including past interactions as well as personal information and demographics, to anticipate customer needs and make it as easy as possible for them to get things done. The problem is, customer goals and intents vary widely depending on your industry, which can make it hard to know where to start. What works well for a FinTech might be irrelevant for a SaaS or an airline.

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To help you crack the code, let’s look at some common use cases for key verticals and how intelligent AI can help you drive ACX value through personalization.

Travel and airlines: Taking the hassle out of planning

With the world opening back up, this is going to be a busy season for the travel industry—so there’s no better time to up-level your CX than right now. Whether people are looking to book a flight, make a hotel reservation, or find a rental car, simplicity is key to ensuring they use your company again. And with most people booking online these days, that means personalizing your ACX.

A chatbot that can recognize customer data and booking IDs automatically lets travelers make updates and changes themselves, dramatically reducing wait times. This is especially useful for mid-trip tasks. Travelers should be able to check availability and make reservations for flights, seats, hotels, and rental cars—all without agent assistance. And with the right solution, you can automate answers and actions in their language of choice. Ada’s Smart Detect feature can even preemptively recognize and suggest the dates, locations, and times a customer has already mentioned in the chat so they don’t have to re-enter that information when booking.


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Another smart travel use case is providing proactive support before a customer reaches a known point of friction—resulting in potential escalation. For example, proactively sending information such as flight status or changes can make the customer feel secure and taken care of, and provides a better, smoother customer journey. You can also use proactive messaging to suggest the best offers and deals based on a customer’s history. Personalized up-sell and cross-sell opportunities generate additional revenue with no added cost. And for the travelers who need personal assistance, you can escalate to a live agent with the full context—so they can pick up right where the bot left off.

Using Ada, AirAsia was able to drive an 8x increase in ancillary product up-sell/cross-sell, offer support in 11 languages, enable brand interactions on new channels including Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, and more.


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Hospitality and restaurants: Personal reservations

Whether a customer is looking to make a reservation for two or organizing an event for 200, an intelligent chatbot can make hospitality ACX effortless. Restaurants and hospitality companies can use the customer’s past behavior or transactions to provide personalized service, with in-bot booking for tables and venues. And if their plans change, make it easy for them to cancel by recognizing their booking details right away. Because no one wants to wait on hold for the hostess.  


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Utilities, energy, and insurance: Building benefits

Personalization for these industries is all about streamlining tasks. When a chatbot can recognize a user and verify their account, they do things like pay their bill, compare plans, or upgrade their account—all within the chatbot, on whichever device they prefer. Help them view and submit claims, add new members, or update payment details. Plus, you can proactively offer personalized promotions to generate revenue while boosting satisfaction.


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Insurance companies can use automation to help customers understand plan benefits and coverage. It’s quicker and easier than waiting to speak with an agent and you can offer support in any language. The key is to recognize customers and make them feel seen. And that requires an intelligent AI platform with the ability to do more than just answer questions. It should tap into your existing systems and data to offer individualized support so your customers know you’ve got their back.

You can also use the bot to make form fills more engaging. Customers can submit claims or forms within the chat UI, making this often confusing or boring process more intuitive and interactive.

Education: Helping students succeed

In today’s digital-first learning environment, providing an excellent digital experience is key to maintaining your school’s reputation. An AI-powered chatbot can integrate with your backend systems to provide personalized support based on student information, including who they are and what they’re studying. Answer questions about applications, financial aid, classes, and more.

You can also proactively send personalized messages with important information that’s relevant to each student—such as scholarship opportunities, school announcements, and schedule changes. No one’s looking at the bulletin board anymore, so meet your students where they are across mobile, social, web, and SMS.


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Ada powers personalization across verticals

As customer expectations continue to grow, organizations in every industry need to rise to the occasion with tailor-made content and personalized automated conversations at scale. Our industry-leading AI platform is full of purpose-built features to help you give your customers what they want: more understanding, and less effort.

Lynn Charafeddine
Lynn Charafeddine

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