Qapital is a mobile-only banking service that makes it easier to plan, invest, and save.

As the app went on to save its customers more than $1 billion, its reliance on Zendesk live agents for customer service proved challenging. The bottleneck was creating roadblocks for both customers and agents.

Qapital knew it had to bring the same level of innovation to its customer service.

The Ada Difference


more than half of inquiries solved
without a live agent


monthly inquiries automated


chatbot available instantly
to support

Automating with Ada

Members of Qapital’s existing support team worked with Ada’s Automated Customer Experience (ACX) Consultants to introduce automation as the first line of customer service.

In less than 30 days, Qapital used Ada’s easy-to-use, AI-powered platform to build a customized chatbot that solves 25,000 monthly customer inquiries, without the need for agent assistance.

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"We’re a technology company, and our value comes from providing people with fast, smart, and mobile-first solutions, so when it came to selecting the right chatbot, Ada fit our goals in every way.”
Nimrod Barnea, Vice President of Customer Experience
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Empowering a Non-Technical Team

Qapital's non-technical customer support team was able to build the chatbot, manage it, and provide live assistance. Without having to involve IT, Qapital was able to make changes, updates, and improvements on the go without any delays. 

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Streamlining Support Priorities

By automating 25,000 monthly inquiries, Ada allows Qapital’s agents to shift their time from handling every issue to only managing those that are high-value and require the human touch for resolution.

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Improving Performance with Insights

The data captured from Ada’s Analytics Dashboard is depended on by stakeholders across the company who use the insights to improve the mobile app’s processes, plans, and pricing.
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"With just Zendesk alone, our agents were handling every issue with the same level of urgency, with Ada, customers can talk to an automated service that can identify their issue and create a ticket if required. We then use this information to assign priority to those issues so bigger, more time-sensitive inquiries are solved faster. The agents are happier. The customers are happier.”
Nimrod Barnea, Vice President of Customer Experience
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