Scale CX With Automated Brand Interactions

In today's world, software subscriptions can end with the click of a button. But it's hard to juggle the mounting needs of customers with the fast pace of your growing business. Give customers the access they are craving, without adding headcount costs.

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Help Them Learn About Your Product by Automating First

Customer expectations are on the rise, and SaaS companies that don't provide easy access to product information, demos and trials risk getting left behind. Empower every customer with conversational AI, and give a personal touch to each brand interaction by introducing an automation-first strategy.

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Ada has empowered our customers to self serve when able, and connect with our Sales or Support teams when additional help is needed. Serving all of our customers in a quick, efficient way while delivering happiness is very important to us. Ada has helped us scale to achieve that goal in an unprecedented time.

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Scale With Ada

When your support team and customer inquiry volume is growing faster than you can keep up, it can be difficult to manage efficiently. Ada’s conversational AI allows SaaS customers to deflect at least 30% of support volume while allowing agents to focus time on the highest-value tickets.

Anytime, anywhere, let your customers:

  • Automate product troubleshooting inquiries
  • Provide tiered support (premium vs freemium customers)
  • Deflect basic FAQ questions
  • Easily manage subscriptions and account changes

Prevent Customer Churn; Grow Revenue

With Ada’s interaction AI, your support and sales teams can automate actions that generate revenue, retain customers and prevent churn. 

  • Create effective retention flow
  • Convert freemium to paid customers
  • Escalate high-value customers to agents quickly
  • Identify potential customers, gather information and pass to a sales rep in real-time
  • Let prospects book meetings with your sales team instantly 
  • Drive up-sell with related products and add-ons

Skip the Line to Agent Success

Ada integrates with live chat and email ticketing software to escalate high-value requests to agents for focused support, ensuring a positive interaction by providing the agent context with a full transcript.

Resolve high-churn customer scenarios:

  • Help with returns and refunds
  • Continue the conversation within the same chat window
  • Complete chat transcripts for the live agent
  • Unified bot and Live chat UI within the CRM of choice
  • Feature-rich experience 

Ada Is Ready For SaaS

With Ada, customers can access their account details, manage subscriptions, and access detailed onboarding guides - all without a live agent. Our state-of-the-art chatbot is designed to enrich your customer experience through instant, intelligent customer service.


Account & Details

  • View bill 
  • Change details 
  • Password reset

Subscriptions & Billing

  • Payment options
  • Renewals 
  • Next payment info


  • Product how-to's
  • User guides
  • Feature walk throughs


  • Error triaging 
  • Browser support
  • Service interruptions

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