Scale Sales With Automated Brand Interaction

Ada for SaaS helps you automate interactions that generate leads, accelerate your sales funnel, and reduce churn, while letting your sales and support teams focus on what they do best — closing deals and building long-lasting customer relationships.

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Prevent customer churn and grow revenue

Ada’s conversational AI allows you to automate complex actions — tailored to your customer’s unique needs — that generate revenue, retain customers, and prevent churn. 

  • Convert freemium users to paying customers
  • Automate product troubleshooting inquiries
  • Provide tiered support by customer segment
  • Easily manage subscriptions and account changes
  • Drive up-sell with related products and add-ons
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Ada has empowered our customers to self serve when able, and connect with our Sales or Support teams when additional help is needed. Serving all of our customers in a quick, efficient way while delivering happiness is very important to us. Ada has helped us scale to achieve that goal in an unprecedented time.

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Increase speed-to-lead and accelerate your sales funnel with a 24/7 sales rep

Generate leads while your team sleeps. Answer questions on demand, serve relevant content, and replace static forms with conversational experiences that increase lead capture and conversion. 

  • Intelligently qualify and route leads to your CRM, freeing your reps from administrative tasks 
  • Automate meeting bookings, reducing back-and-forth emails and accelerating the sales cycle 
  • Identify high-intent buyers and pass them directly to a rep in real-time, reducing time to close
  • Connect with your MAP to add personalized customer journey insights to your lead nurturing
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Escalate high-value interactions with a seamless customer and agent experience

Ada’s out-of-the-box integrations with live chat and email ticketing software let you purposefully escalate high-value interactions that need a human touch.

Interactions are intelligently triaged and routed to the right agent at the right time, with full conversation context that ensures a relevant and speedy resolution for customers. 


Ada is ready for SaaS

With Ada, customers can access their account details, manage subscriptions, and access detailed onboarding guides - all without a live agent. Our state-of-the-art brand interaction platform is designed to enrich your customer experience through instant, intelligent customer service.


Account & details

  • View bill 
  • Change details 
  • Password reset

Subscriptions & billing

  • Payment options
  • Renewals 
  • Next payment info


  • Product how-to's
  • User guides
  • Feature walk throughs


  • Error triaging 
  • Browser support
  • Service interruptions

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