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The future of SaaS support is here

Automate more accurate, relevant, and personalized conversations that accelerate your sales funnel, increase customer engagement, and reduce churn with Ada's AI-powered customer service automation platform.

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6.7x ROI in year 1

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72% of support conversations resolved

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5x ROI in just 12 months

Give every user a unique experience

Ada's conversational AI chatbot automatically resolves inquiries, segments users, and routes leads directly to your team so you can deliver exceptional experiences across the entire customer journey.

Give SaaS customers instant self-service. Drive resolutions.

Give SaaS customers instant self-service. Drive resolutions.

Empower customers to resolve inquiries on-demand — from account management to product troubleshooting to processing renewals — on digital channels or over the phone. Increase customer satisfaction.
Automate more complex actions. Reduce churn.

Automate more complex actions. Reduce churn.

Tailor automation to customers' unique needs and improve customer service. Convert free customers to paid, provide tiered support, and drive up-sell with related products and add-ons.
Capture and convert leads. Accelerate sales.

Capture and convert leads. Accelerate sales.

Connect Ada to your CRM, MAP, or data enrichment tools to add personalized insights to lead nurturing and optimize the customer experience. Replace static forms, serve relevant content, and qualify and route leads to your team.

Don't just take it from us

“Seventy-two percent of our users who chat with Ada don't escalate to a live agent. As a result, we've reduced our first response time for complex questions that need to be passed on to a human agent.”

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Zachary Bosin
VP Product Marketing blue-jeans logo

“In our busy period, we'd have an extremely difficult time adjusting to volume and maintaining a reasonable service-level agreement (SLA). The benefit of Ada is that we are able to have an agent on 24/7 for our most common questions, freeing up our humans to engage with the customers we care about the most. Without Ada, we'd need to make tough decisions about taking longer to get back to certain customers.”

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Dennis Woo
Sr. Director of CX wave logo

Convert freemium users to paying customers with Ada's AI-powered chatbot platform

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Cut costs with intelligent automation

Capture and convert leads while your sales team sleeps. Ada's SaaS chatbot gives customers instant access to account details, managing subscriptions, and detailed onboarding guides.

Create effortless onboarding experiences

Make product adoption a cakewalk, with user guides, feature walkthroughs, and product how-to's delivered directly in Ada's SaaS chatbot.

Enable instant account access

Authenticate users and allow them to take action with self-serve automation. Customers can view and change their account details in a pinch.

Set up seamless subscription management

Support your paid users by offering on-demand and proactive information on plans, renewals, and product promotions. Effortlessly convert free users to paid.

Empower customers to resolve urgent inquiries

Provide troubleshooting support in the chat or over the phone, with error triaging, browser support, and proactive messaging on service interruptions.

Did you know...

Mobile usage continues to grow and outpace desktop support inquiries for the SaaS vertical?

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“Implementing Ada has enabled our support teams to spend substantially more of their efforts on harder-to-solve problems. Our customers are now able to quickly serve themselves for most common problems — or get to a knowledgeable agent without writing an essay. When we compare to the year before, the volume of cases our reps are manually addressing are much lower. They now can spend the bulk of their time answering those complicated questions versus those easy lifts.”

Walter Tucker
Director of Support

Automate your customer
service with Ada

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Features to get you there

Automate the entire customer journey with Ada's AI-powered SaaS chatbot. Speed up content creation and deliver conversational AI that's relevant, accurate, and safe.

Explore how AI-powered automation can transform SaaS

Understand the capabilities of emerging vendors within major segments of the conversation automation market and to inform their technology strategies.

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No one knows standing out in competitive markets like ecommerce brands, so we're highlighting the biggest tips SaaS leaders can adapt and adopt from best-in-class ecommerce companies.

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Using Ada's no-code builder interface, BlueJeans created automated conversational flows in Denim to resolve the most common customer questions while making it easier and faster for prospects to reach a sales representative.

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Convert freemium users to paying customers with Ada's AI-powered chatbot platform

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