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Real-world examples of generative AI for customer service

Sarah Fox
Content Producer
AI & Automation | 10 min read

The business world becomes electrified when new technology hits the market. But the enthusiasm usually only lasts a short while — the hype eventually fizzles out or fades altogether.

Unless we’re talking about ChatGPT. It’s safe to say the buzz around generative AI has only grown louder over the past year.

By now, you probably know what generative AI is and how it can be used for customer service . But you may be wondering which companies are actually putting it to work and in what ways. Well, wonder no more. We’ve put together a list of examples across key industries that are already deploying generative AI chatbots in their customer service strategies — and reaping the benefits.

Generative AI chatbots for travel and hospitality customer service

Delta Airlines

Delta is known for its commitment to customer service and passenger experience, so it’s no surprise that the company is using generative AI in “Ask Delta,” the chatbot that helps customers take action — check in, track bags, and find flights.

Their generative AI chatbot provides detailed responses at lightning speed, making it simple for customers to find what they need — and get where they’re going. As a result, Delta’s call center volumes have dropped by 20% .

Heathrow Airport

London’s Heathrow Airport powers around 1,300 flights a day, carrying over 100,000 people. With almost 90% of passengers being international travelers, you can bet they have some questions. 

Heathrow saw the transformative power of generative AI for customer service early on and brought it into their customer service fold. Heathrow uses generative AI to reply to service queries, and automatically summarize cases — which helps the operation continually improve. 

Along with providing top quality customer service, “This is saving their agents huge amounts of time and effort, [and] delivering incredible new levels of productivity,” says Salesforce’s CEO Marc Benioff .


If you’re a frequent traveler, you’ve used Expedia at least once (if not regularly). Expedia is a one stop shop for all your travel needs — from booking flights and accommodation to finding great package deals and global destination guides. Now, the top-rated travel brand is making it even easier for travelers to plan a trip by integrating ChatGPT into its mobile app.

“By integrating ChatGPT into the Expedia app and combining it with our other AI-based shopping capabilities, like hotel comparison, price tracking for flights and trip collaboration tools, we can now offer travelers an even more intuitive way to build their perfect trip.”

Peter Kern
Vice Chairman and CEO

The new conversational trip planning feature lets travelers chat with a generative AI bot to get recommendations, explore activities, find travel assistance, and more — with fast, detailed answers and no need to wait for an agent.

Generative AI chatbots for ecommerce customer service


Global retail giant H&M is using generative AI to make it easier for shoppers to find the clothing and accessories they're looking for.

On their website, the generative AI chatbot has reduced response times by up to a whopping 70% over human agents — a significant improvement not just in productivity but also in their overall customer experience. In the mobile app, shoppers can now use their voice to find what they’re looking for thanks to a generative AI-powered voice assistant. 

In addition to helping shoppers search specific products, the chatbot can answer FAQs and even help with orders. This has allowed H&M to give customers an easier, more satisfying experience while significantly reducing the load on its customer service team.


Digital is the go-to way to shop for most people now, and Google’s shopping service is often where the hunt for that perfect item begins. Online shopping offers many products and options, but the downside is that you can't try on clothes.

Until now. Google recently introduced a new generative AI-powered “try on” feature that allows shoppers to see how clothes look on a model with similar body shape, skin tone, and size. Using a technique called diffusion, the company’s new generative AI engine is able to take a single image of a piece of clothing and realistically adapt it to various body shapes, showing how it will hang, drape, and fold. 

With a wide range of models to choose from, shoppers can now find the perfect fit from the comfort of their own home.

Generative AI customer service for healthcare, financial services, and more


SmileDirectClub, an early med-tech innovator, was founded to bring affordable and convenient oral care to the masses. The company is best known for its 3D-printed aligners made from molds that customers can take themselves at home.

Customers can easily get the smile of their dreams through virtual consultations during treatment. According to CIO Justin Skinner, SmileDirect Club is always looking for new ways to improve both patient care and internal processes — and generative AI is the latest addition to that effort.

Skinner recently told an industry publication that SmileDirect Club is deploying a generative AI chatbot to listen to and summarize customer calls, so call center agents are able to review and make adjustments as needed. This saves the agents, who may be juggling multiple calls or cases, time. It also allows the organization to find ways to improve its customer service going forward based on prior interactions and outcomes.


For anyone looking to make their money work harder but unsure of where to start, Wealthsimple is the answer. The Canadian fintech company makes investing simple through their self-serve app and offers a variety of smart money management products, from a high-interest checking account to automatic reinvestment of rewards and free fiduciary advice.

Wealthsimple uses generative AI to level up their customer service. Their chatbot answers FAQs, allows customers to quickly access their financial information, and gives relevant guidance on money management. This has enabled the company not only to automate more conversations, but also to resolve more customer issues without involving a live advisor. Because they’re all about making things simple. (And smart.)


This all-in-one productivity tool helps teams across any industry get more done, allowing users to efficiently plan, track, and collaborate on projects. With built-in customization, reporting, and a host of robust features, it’s no surprise the platform made the Forbes’ Best Project Management Software list this year.

Productivity is always top of mind, and the company’s generative AI chatbot follows suit. It allows customers (and potential customers) to get relevant, detailed answers to FAQs in an instant. In fact, according to the chatbot, they’re now resolving over 50% of customer interactions.

And if it isn’t able to help, it collects all the information needed to connect customers to the right specialist so they can get what they need with minimum effort.

Octopus Energy

Messaging and voice assistance aren’t the only ways generative AI can help with customer service. Sustainable energy specialist Octopus Energy is using it to draft richly detailed email responses at unprecedented speed.

Generative AI drafted emails have resulted in 18% higher customer happiness scores compared to human-drafted responses, and they’re already being used to respond to one third of customer inquiries. This frees up the company’s customer service agents to focus on providing support for more complex products.


The leading enterprise software platform recently announced that it’s incorporating generative AI into all of its workflow offerings. This includes the Virtual Assistant app, which lets business users self-serve when they need help with ServiceNow products and applications.

The company’s new “Now Assist for Virtual Agent” solution uses generative AI to quickly provide answers that are relevant, conversational, and clear, making it even easier for ServiceNow users to self-serve.

“Our platform experts who have worked for the greatest brands and technology believe this moment is as transformative, if not even more so than the Internet or even the iPhone.”

Bill McDermott
Chairman and CEO

The future of customer service is generative AI

We’re just scratching the surface of what generative AI can do for customer service organizations — and the technology is advancing quickly. The more we use it, the smarter and more efficient it will become thanks to hands-on human coaching .

To learn how to implement generative AI to your customer service, check out these best practices .

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