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How to build a chatbot persona and increase engagement

Katie Cox
Educational Manager

Chatbots empower brands to have more interactions with more people. But more doesn’t mean better. Interactions need to be valuable to the customer by getting them to a fast and efficient resolution. And, equally important, is how the interaction makes a person feel — you need to interact with authenticity, consistency, and with a personality that reflects your brand.

As an Education Manager at Ada, I always teach the importance of crafting your bot’s persona. Not just because it levels up your CX, builds trust, and increases engagement — it also helps avoid the major pitfall of not having one: if you don’t give your bot a persona, your customers will do it for you. After all, it’s human nature to give human attributes to inanimate objects. When you have a well-crafted bot persona, customers perceive your bot the way you want them to.

Before you can start interacting with the kind of authenticity and consistency that will make your brand stand out, you need to design a bot persona that reflects the mission and values of your brand. This helps you create consistent dialogue and build trust between your customers and your bot. Customizing your bot’s content and visuals not only makes you look like an automation pro, our data tells us that it also builds trust and increases the likelihood that a customer engages with you.

Imagine a world where all your customers leave interactions with your brand feeling valued, understood, and connected. Bot personas aren’t the only part of creating that world, but they play a mighty big role in it.

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