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The ChatGPT opportunity: Bringing generative AI to customer service

An on-demand webinar hosted by Ada and OpenAI

The world is abuzz with the release of ChatGPT. The chatbot’s ability to answer complex questions has everyone debating the implications for humanity and how we interact with AI.

But what does it mean for customer service?

This roundtable discussion features Yaniv Markovski, Head of Support Engineering and Community at OpenAI, and Yochai Konig, VP of Machine Learning at Ada. Mike Murchison, Ada’s co-founder and CEO, will moderate as we explore the following topics:

  • How customer service organizations can start using applications built on LLMs to deliver better customer experiences and automate more resolutions for customers
  • Why Ada is training its own version of the LLM behind ChatGPT specifically for customer service
  • The four guiding principles of working with generative AI: Accuracy, Explainability, Safety, and Continuous Improvement
  • The ethical and social challenges of working with LLMs and AI in general