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From human-first to AI-first customer service: Transforming businesses with AI labor and management

You’re likely seeing news about AI come up on your feed frequently – like that headline-grabber where AI technology is doing the work of 700 employees. It’s a story that both captivates attention and sparks debate, inspiring us to examine what’s next in the customer service landscape.

Watch an engaging 30-minute coffee break chat led by Ada's CEO, Mike Murchison, alongside a panel of esteemed C-Suite executives. Together, we'll delve into the evolving horizons of AI in customer service.

Key discussion points:

  • AI's bottom-line benefits: Explore the significant impact AI Agents have on reducing costs and boosting revenue.
  • The evolution of the customer service org: Discuss the emerging role of AI Managers and how they’re driving customer service teams towards innovation and efficiency.
  • Essentials for an AI-first customer service experience: Unpack the roadmap to integrating AI into your customer experience strategy.


  • Jeff Epstein, Ex-CFO of Oracle, Operating Partner at Bessemer Venture Partners and board member of Twillio and Okta
  • Beka Swegman, Senior Vice President of Customer Success at Bark
  • Casey Woo, Founder of Operators Guild, Ex-CFO of Landing