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Guide to interviewing AI Agents

Last year, we introduced our all-new AI Agent, capable of solving even the most complex inquiries with no manual coding or script creation, entirely powered by generative AI.

But what makes an AI Agent different from the typical chatbots you’ve used in the past? And why are companies like Square, ClickUp, and Wealthsimple choosing to hire an AI Agent instead of training a chatbot? Is the impact on ROI really that high?

“Our AI Agent brings us closer to our customers, reducing operational burden and increasing our automated resolution to help our team think about big picture levers we can pull to create a better client experience.”

– Paul Teshima, Chief Client Experience Officer, Wealthsimple

Download this guide to:

  • Understand the difference between chatbots and AI Agents
  • Discover the 8 success criteria that you should be testing AI Agents on to get the most return on your investment
  • See real-world examples of what to look for and what to avoid
Guide to interviewing AI Agents