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Key AI customer service metrics leaders need to be tracking

In a few years, generative AI and automation will supplant human agents almost entirely, and they will instead be elevated to a more strategic and important role in the company.

This foundational shift is naturally accompanied by a shift in how AI customer experience leaders measure success. There’s a growing need to reliably measure the efficacy of AI in customer service.

There’s also a need to understand how agent-first metrics are evolving to adapt to the new AI-first paradigm. For example, CSAT solutions, which are typically influenced by human agents, are now increasingly measuring generative AI customer service interactions.

Our experts put together this guide that includes:

  • A deep dive into the new north star customer service metric: Automated Resolution
  • Insights into key AI-first customer service KPIs and how to use them
  • A forward glance at how agent metrics are going to evolve
  • A weekly bot report template

Download this report to get all the info you need about tracking and measuring customer service success in an AI-first organization.

Key AI customer service metrics leaders need to be tracking