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Unleash the power of AI

You don't need a team of machine learning scientists to power better CX. Ada's Reasoning Engine connects to business systems and takes action to resolve more inquiries.

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Build powerful automation with minimal effort


conversations powered


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Automation that does the heavy lifting

Ada's deep learning chatbot does the work so you don’t have to — fine-tuned with your conversation data to learn from existing sources to instantly and accurately resolve inquiries

Empower your frontline teams

It's time for customer-facing teams to own the automation strategy. Start leveraging generative AI with Ada and resolve more — and more complex — inquiries


Resolve with human-like understanding

Industry-leading NLU: Ada's NLU uses pre-trained ML models based on billions of customer conversations, refined to fit your company's unique needs.

Open ecosystem: Leverage technology from leading vendors like OpenAI and Google to optimize performance.

Language-agnostic model: Outperform other customer service automation platforms in 50+ languages, whether you train your bot in English only or a mix of languages.


Speed up time-to-resolution

Content assist: Quickly and easily generate content variations and rephrase copy to keep content fresh and on-brand.

Training suggestions: Accelerate training and continue to improve intent recognition with suggestions provided by generative AI.

Generative replies: Create conversational experiences with less effort by leveraging preexisting knowledge base content.


Power (even more) sophisticated experiences

Predictive suggestions: Anticipate your customer's next move and guide them to the most helpful response.

Smart detect: Create more intelligent automated experiences with preemptive recognition of key factors like names, dates, and locations.

AI-powered automation built for CX teams
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“The ability to create contextual and personalized customer experiences for our customers that run 24/7 has been a massive step forward for us, and fully validates our decision to partner with Ada. We have seen consistent positive NPS, strong containment, and repeat usage of our live chat service from happy customers.”

Neil O'Hanlon
Director of CX

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