Since 2016, Gordon Gibson, Ada's Machine Learning Lead, has successfully developed the research, testing and implementation of Ada’s machine learning (ML) capabilities. Recognizing how fast the field of deep learning is evolving and the importance of keeping Ada’s technology top of the pack, Gordon also sits on the committee for Toronto Deep Learning Series (TDLS). This group meets once to twice a week to explore the new developments in the field of deep learning.

Gordon recently hosted a TDLS meet-up at our office. Danny Luo, a machine learning developer at Dessa, presented a recent paper from the Google AI language group that achieved new state-of-the-art results on several Natural Language Processing tasks. With prepared questions ready for open discussion, the group explored the new architecture for training language models proposed within the paper.

As we move into the new year, exploring (and introducing) AI is a top priority for customer service executives across all industries. And as more and more businesses continue shift to ‘automation first’ customer service strategies, we’re committed to creating top technology that keeps them one-step ahead of customers’ demands.

The findings from TDLS often lead to a direct change in Ada’s process and approach. “Just as customer needs are rapidly growing, so too is the potential for AI,” explained Gordon. In the past two years, Ada’s AI-powered platform has evolved from enabling hundred of conversations every month to millions. “As a company committed to constantly strengthening our ML, TDLS has and continues to be a valuable resource for our team. Through in-depth technical and critical discussion, I am able to share experiences with other practitioners deploying NLP-related solutions.”

We’re excited that the conversations happening here at Ada are in turn powering millions of meaningful conversations every month. To learn more about how the strength of our AI can benefit your business, reach out to experience a live demo for yourself.

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