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New design system

April 4, 2018 by David Hariri

We're excited to announce a redesign of most of our app. It's no where near finished, but it marks a step in a direction we have planned that's going to make it even more simple to manage your Ada Support bot. Here's a list of the specific changes we made:

  • Responses are now "Answers"
  • Expressions are now "Questions"
  • Brand new iconography, colours and cleaned up styles for all elements
  • Brand new grid system for all elements
  • Improved contrast across all elements
  • Improved click and drag for Answer messages, actions and quick replies
  • Many bug fixes and improvement to performance
  • Better tracking of unsaved changes
  • Linking and support for back/forward buttons in browsers
  • Revert back to last saved version of Answers with the new Revert button

A lot of this is cosmetic, but it's setting us up for a long road map we have towards building the best bot management platform that's ever been built.

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