How AI can enhance the customer experience

How will AI change the way customers intact with brands across industries?

Ruth Zive, Head of Marketing at Ada, spoke to Marie Wiese, host of the Women Talk Tech podcast, about how AI-powered chatbots are enabling brands to create more personalized and seamless interactions. The show, “Episode #28: How AI Can Enhance Customer Experience,” first aired in December 2019.

Zive explained that chatbots empower customers to take action on their own terms and in their preferred support channels, without the need for a live agent. AI adds a layer of personalization, anticipating customers’ needs and offering them quicker ways to accomplish their goals. 

What does this look like in practice? 

From a customer perspective, “you could book a seat on an airline, you could upgrade your ticket, you could order your meal,” said Zive. “The chatbot will be able to recognize who you are preemptively to be able to offer you opportunities and promotions based on your past experiences.”

Zive and Wiese discussed a diverse range of topics in the AI space, from the importance of diversity in creating effective tech, to the downfalls of rolling out chatbots as widgets rather than software, to how ATMs and tellers relate to AI-powered tech and live support. 

To listen to the full podcast, click here.

To learn more about the importance of personalization in customer service, check out this infographic.

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