Ada Wins Tech Breakthrough’s “Best Overall Conversational Marketing Company” Award

We’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again: we’re on the cusp of an incredible new era of CX.

>As more brands realize the power of leveraging conversational AI for sales and marketing, the ability to create meaningful brand interactions across the entire customer journey is no longer a nice-to-have — it’s essential.

In April, we launched our conversational marketing platform, Ada Engage. In under six months, we’ve climbed to incredible heights, proving that personalized customer experiences are how brands can level-up their brand interactions, boost conversions, drive revenue, and scale.

Tech Breakthrough — a leading market intelligence organization that recognizes the top companies, technologies and products in the global marketing, sales and advertising technology industry—has awarded Ada the “Best Overall Conversational Marketing Company” award in the fourth annual MarTech Breakthrough Awards.

Today, we raise a toast to the people who brought this to life and to the brave brands who ditched a one size fits all approach to marketing. Using our no-code platform, they are unifying sales, marketing, and support across the customer journey and are seamlessly moving their customers across the finish line.

Let’s take a closer look at Ada Engage.

>Ada Engage is exactly what you asked for

Marketers and sales reps face a whole host of trials and challenges. Here at Ada, we understand not only what you’re dealing with, but how to make it better. The reactive, one size fits all approach to marketing leaves customers feeling like you don’t understand them or their needs. Siloed CX data puts departmental needs ahead of customer needs. And in today’s world, that’s simply not good enough.

What marketing and sales teams need is a way to make customer experiences both personal and relatable. You need to continually capture new leads by creating meaningful connections that start to build loyalty from day zero. And you need to do this at scale, without growing your costs or effort, so you can keep your CX teams laser-focused on what matters most —c reating exceptional customer experiences.

When messaging is informed and personalized, engagement improves. Conversion rates are lifted. Customers are satisfied and your business boosts its bottom line. And when conversational marketing sits in the same tool as your conversational CX, the insights and results are amplified, and you can create engaging brand interactions that convert.

Slide - what are the benefits of proactive CX

With Ada Engage, brands can offer personalized interactions at every touchpoint, enhance customer profiles, and equip sales and marketing teams with the context they need to do what they do best — sell.

We’re making customer engagement effortless

Ada Engage brings the power of conversational automation to digital marketing and sales teams, so you can build deeper customer relationships at scale. It puts brands in the driver’s seat, equipped with everything you need to make the first move — and make a better first impression by personalizing interactions from the very beginning.

Invite sales, marketing, and support teams to collaborate on a holistic CX strategy in one single platform. With Ada Engage, you can offer a consistent brand experience across the entire customer journey and gracefully hand off customers to a live agent when needed.

When companies shift from a reactive to proactive, personalized CX strategy, campaigns hit their mark. Sales happen faster. And loyal customers are born.

Optimize your ACX and increase revenue with Ada Goals

As you think about your own brand’s ACX strategy, it’s important to understand exactly how automation is working to ladder up to bigger business goals. You should be able to define success metrics, track them within a dashboard, and optimize according to the insights revealed. Without this, your ACX efforts are little more than shots in the dark.

Ada Engage gives you the tools you need to define, track, and measure your ACX success; and also the freedom to experiment easily, iterate quickly, and optimize with agility. 

Introducing Goals.

You can now set, track, and measure custom Goals for your most valuable business objectives right within the Ada dashboard.

Define a Goal Leads Generated

Measure Goals like: 

  • Demos booked
  • Leads captured
  • Form completions
  • Sales escalation
  • Payments
  • Completed checkouts
  • Purchased subscriptions
  • And more…

In the same spirit as our no-code platform, non-technical teams can easily track key results without the need for high-effort manual work or a dedicated team of data analysts. In this way, you can keep an eye on how actions taken within your chatbot ladder up to key business results.

Say goodbye to guesswork with A/B Testing

When making decisions about the efficacy of your CX, it can be hard to know which approach will result in better brand interactions for your customers. Without actionable insights and an easy way to experiment, the recipe for optimizing your bot becomes one-part research, one-part guesswork, and a whole lot of let’s-hope-this-works.

We prefer a more gourmet approach to CX — and we’re certain you do too.

A/B Testing enables you to run experiments, optimize quickly, and improve performance with agility. You can easily create multiple versions of an Answer, flow, or Proactive Campaign, show the variants to different segments of customers at the same time, and then measure and compare the performance of each variant.

By making more confident, data-backed decisions, you can improve conversion and exponentially impact the metrics that matter most.

As your CX needs grow, so does Ada Engage

Activity Feed and Version History

For brands that have multiple bot builders working in the dashboard, particularly enterprises with large CX teams, these new updates will make a world of difference. You can track, audit, and revert changes to your bot in just a few clicks.

Answer Version History saves all changes to Answers as past “versions” with a description. You (and any other team member working on the bot) can see all the versions an Answer has taken, and revert back to an old version if you need to.

Answer Editor - Saving New Version with Name

You can feel free to make content updates as frequently as you want without running the risk of permanent, unrecoverable changes — and awkward conversations with the builder whose work you just erased. Ada’s got your back, just in case.

You can also use Version History to change your Answer for a specific promotion or season — say Black Friday for example — then easily go back to the main version when the season is done. No need for making all those edits manually.

Analytics View With Variable Features

This small but mighty update gives you more ways to filter through your analytics to find the insights you need. You can now filter analytics by variable to isolate the performance of specific key variables that you’re interested in tracking.

Variable Filters

Using these new features and updates, you can leverage more of Ada Engage’s sales and marketing capabilities to increase conversions and boost your bottom line. It’ll also be easier for enterprises with large CX teams to collaborate without confusion.

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