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Understand the performance of your AI Agent

Zero-in on the areas with the greatest opportunity for improvement.

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Meet your dream QA Analyst

Manual reviews and spot checks can only get you so far. Your AI Agent reads every word of your customer transcripts to identify the biggest opportunities for improvement — not just for your customer service team, but for your entire company.


Build trust in your AI Agent

Measure your AI Agent’s accuracy, relevancy, and safety with Ada’s proprietary Automated Resolution measurement system. Understand and improve your AI Agent’s behavior with QA tools and coaching capabilities.


A suite of AI-powered QA and measurement tools

Understand the performance of your AI Agent — and exactly how to improve it.

Don’t just contain — resolve

Customers want resolutions, not a run-around. Revolutionize the customer experience with Automated Resolution. Powered by Large Language Models (LLMs), Ada’s proprietary metric measures how well your AI Agent actually resolves inquiries, not just whether it avoids handoffs to humans.


Uncover opportunities to improve

Your AI Agent will review conversations to identify topics with the most unresolved conversations. The impact on key metrics like AR and CSAT is quantified, so you can easily build a business case to invest in solving the most pressing problems your customers face.


Track the quality of every interaction

Review conversations between your customers and your AI Agent to monitor their experience and uncover new insights. Understand the actions your AI Agent took so you can coach it to continuously improve performance.


Make more data-driven decisions

Measure your AI Agent’s success across channels, track the impact on key business metrics, and bring your data into business intelligence tools to gain a deeper understanding of the customer experience.


Don’t just take it from us

"We now have core quality metrics that are enabling us to drive customer interactions and retention across our group. We have a handle on what is truly happening to our customers, and can use that in our coaching to improve agent capabilities.”

Portrait of Wayne Grimshawe
Wayne Grimshawe
Group Director of Customer Care
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“We use automated resolution rate as a core KPI for our digital support team, and we are reporting it up to our senior leadership because of the efficiencies that we are driving throughout the business.”

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Allie Hurley
Head of Global Support
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Zero-in on opportunities for improvement. Measure the success of your AI Agent.

AI-powered automation built for CX teams

Discover the power of an AI Agent for your business.

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increase in Automated Resolution Rate
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increase in CSAT

"Our AI Agent brings us closer to our clients, reducing operational burden and increasing our Automated Resolution to help our team think about big picture levers we can pull to create a better client experience."

Portrait of Paul Teshima
Paul Teshima
Chief Client Experience Officer
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