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Coach your AI Agent to become your top-performer

Provide feedback and guidance to your AI Agent for customer service to continuously improve performance.

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Refine your customer service over time

Just like coaching your support team on the tone, language, and procedures to follow, you can guide your AI Agent to deliver an experience that aligns with your company’s values and policies. Every single time.


Explainable, safe, and coachable AI

Your AI Agent’s behavior and actions can be easily reviewed to ensure it meets your expectations and brand standards, and always delivers accurate, relevant, and safe experiences.


A great coach can be a game-changer

Ada’s AI coaching capabilities make it easy to improve your AI Agent’s performance.

Your AI Agent...

Follows company policies and procedures

Coach your AI Agent to follow specific rules, language, and multi-step processes when resolving a complex inquiry. The content it can share and actions it can take can be limited to specific customer segments, geography, and more.

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Can take feedback (graciously, anytime)

Your AI Agent learns from you and aligns its responses to your guidance. Provide instructions in plain language on everything from how to format replies to how to handle sensitive topics.

Your AI Agent...

Isn’t a black box

Audit conversations to understand the behavior and steps your AI Agent takes to get to a resolution. See the content it used and actions it took, so it’s easy to identify the source of issues and make changes.

Your AI Agent...

Uncovers opportunities for improvement

Your AI Agent reviews customer interactions to identify the topics with the most unresolved conversations, so you know exactly where to focus your efforts to have the greatest impact.


Don't just take it from us

“We’re leveraging the Reasoning Log a lot to understand how the AI Agent is reasoning and formulating its answers in order to make better, more guided, decisions for our help center. We’re using a lot of Guidance to leverage creating guidelines for how the AI Agent should interact with clients.”

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Megan Myke
Client Experience Operations
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“Ada surfaces relevant conversations with recommendations and an associated AR percentage improvement. This makes it so much easier for us to coach our AI Agent effectively at scale. It takes the guesswork out of building and saves us loads of time.”

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Jimmy Sullivan
Manager of Digital Support
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Coach your AI Agent to continuously improve

AI-powered automation built for CX teams

Discover the power of an AI Agent for your business.

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increase in Automated Resolution Rate after adopting generative AI
of customer inquiries resolved digitally without human intervention

We saw impressive gains when implementing the scripted chatbot, but were blown away by the results of our generative AI Agent. We are consistently updating our product to meet customer needs. With the AI Agent, we no longer have to rely on human intervention to address new customer inquiries that come through when we've updated our product.

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Allie Hurley
Head of Global Support
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