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Revolutionize your customer experience with Ada + Zendesk

When Ada is paired with Zendesk’s customer experience platform, your customers notice — and so do your agents. Automatically resolve more inquiries and reduce the cost of your customer service.

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750K in annual savings
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291% ROI
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65% reduction in live chat volume

Resolve over 70% of inquiries from the get-go

Instantly onboard your AI Agent using existing content from Zendesk Guide. Allow customers to effortlessly resolve issues — even the complex ones — to free up agent time for more specialized conversations.


Reduce average handle time

Give agents the conversation context they need to speed up resolution. Your AI agent, connected to your Zendesk workspace, creates tickets and seamlessly transfers chats when a human touch is needed.


Automate your customer service with Ada’s AI Agent + Zendesk.

“The automated chat experience feels conversational and genuinely feels like a seamless part of our customer experience. With the Zendesk and Ada integration, we were able to not only save costs on seasonal headcount, but we were also able to see revenue growth from customers who were being served at faster rates.”

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Justin Michaud
Senior Manager of Customer Support
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“Ada is the best AI chatbot offering for features and open API integration from a front and back end perspective. Simple UI, immense amount of features/capabilities, and low day-to-day management.”

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Jean-Luc Eckstein
Chief Customer Officer
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A complete customer service team in one platform

Deliver exceptional experiences and higher CSAT with Ada’s generative AI-powered platform. Swiftly onboard and coach your AI Agent to continuously improve performance.

Connect to your tech stack

Within minutes of being on the job, your AI Agent learns everything it needs to know about your company and products from your help center. It connects to your key business systems to use data to perform tasks and personalize resolutions.


Build once, resolve everywhere

Instantly support global customers. Your AI Agent speaks 50+ languages and can interact with customers in their preferred digital and voice channels with integrations to Sunshine Conversations and Zendesk Talk.


Choose your messaging widget

Select the messaging widget that best fits your unique needs and brand. Use Ada’s widget or the Sunshine Conversations Web Messenger or SDKs, powered behind-the-scenes by Ada's AI.


Get the best of both worlds with Ada + Zendesk. See how AI can transform your customer service.