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Power AI-first customer service with Ada + Salesforce

Integrate your AI Agent with Salesforce to automatically resolve inquiries and give valuable time back to your agents.

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72% of support conversations resolved
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8x increase in ancillary product upsell
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30% reduction in abandonment rate

Resolve over 70% of customer service inquiries

Your AI Agent scales with your business, so you can keep up with demand without increasing headcount. Enable effortless self-service and free human agents for specialized conversations that drive loyalty.


Automate more resolutions with less effort

Ditch basic chatbots that are time-consuming to build and maintain. Your AI Agent connects to your existing tech stack to learn about your company, perform tasks, and start resolving inquiries from day one, no code or training required.


Automate your customer service with an AI Agent.

“Because we're a sports broadcaster, the nature of customer traffic is extremely spiky. If we have a boxing event, we're going to have a lot of people trying to sign up minutes before the fight. Or if there are any issues with a football broadcast, then we see customer's contacts scale up exponentially. AI is the only way for us to cope with that kind of interaction volume at that speed. And in the aftermath, if something wasn't predicted by the bot, we can delve into the data and use that to iterate on next time, so we can make the journey even better the next time around.”

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Wendy Collins
Chatbot Manager
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“Ada’s integrations with Salesforce allow us to proactively engage our customers and drive self-service. In one of my favorite use cases, we connected Ada to our status page so we can proactively notify users of new or updated postings.”

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Ryan Elder
Support Lead, Operations and Enablement
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Ada is a full customer service team, powered by AI

Onboard your AI Agent, understand its performance, and coach it to continuously improve. All in one single platform.

Instantly resolve with existing content, no build required

Connect your AI Agent to your Salesforce Knowledge help center to start resolving in minutes, not months. Save time and resources by using existing content to generate relevant, accurate, and safe conversations.


Equip agents for success and speedy service

Deliver exceptional CX on any channel. When a human touch is needed, your AI Agent finds the right person and seamlessly transfers the conversation — with full context — to reduce effort and handle time.


Make data-driven decisions with AI-powered analytics

Measure your AI Agent’s ability to truly resolve inquiries across channels. Uncover trends and easily identify the opportunities that will have the biggest impact on performance.


Ada and Salesforce are better together. Revolutionize customer service with this unbeatable CX team.