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Scale your phone support with Ada and Aircall

Combine Aircall’s phone system with Ada’s AI Agent to automatically resolve customer service inquiries over the phone, reducing dropped call rates and wait times.

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Your customers are calling. It’s time to take them off hold.

Watch how you can resolve more inquiries, reduce average handle time, and delight customers with Ada and Aircall.

Onboard a top-performing AI Agent in minutes

Connect your AI Agent to your knowledge base to instantly start resolving customer service inquiries over the phone. Customers can speak naturally and the AI Agent will answer their questions, reducing dropped call rates for customers who still need to reach a human agent.


Seamlessly transfer calls to human agents

Your AI Agent can transfer the call to a specialized human when more help is needed, complete with ticket context to prevent customers from having to repeat themselves. Your AI Agent can also schedule a callback if agents are busy, eliminating wait times.


Resolve complex inquiries, wherever your customers are

Continuously improve performance and promote your AI Agent to resolve more inquiries across channels and languages.

Connect to business systems and take action for customers

Integrate your AI Agent with other business systems like your CRM or OMS (no code required) so it can perform tasks, like looking up an order or increasing a credit limit. Help your customers take action and maximize automated resolution.


Measure performance and improve content with AI insights

Manual reviews and spot checks can only get you so far. Your AI Agent reads every word of your customer transcripts to identify the biggest opportunities for improvement - not just for your customer service team, but for your entire company.


Build once, resolve everywhere

Launch your AI Agent on web, mobile, SMS, social media, email, and phone channels. When needed, the AI Agent can handoff to a human including relevant customer details and context, reducing effort and average handle time.


Your customers are calling. Don’t make them listen to hold music. Maximize your phone support with Ada and Aircall.