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Effective Apr 29, 2024

Information about the third-party Sub-Processors that Ada Support Inc. uses to provide services to its customers can be found below. Additionally, Ada Support Inc. uses its wholly-owned affiliates, Ada Support (US) Corp. and Ada Support ( Israel) Ltd. to process personal information of customers in order to provide the services.

Ada Services

Ada Support uses the following Sub-Processors to provide its core chatbot and customer service automation software services.

Third Party Service Purpose Location Website
Amazon AWS Hosting USA, Canada, Europe*
Anthropic Artificial intelligence models USA
CloudAMQP Web Broker Hosting USA, Canada, Europe*
Databricks Inc. Data warehouse, data pipelines and analytics USA
Datadog Logging USA
Elastic NV Answer prediction, database hosting USA, Canada, Europe*
Looker (Google Cloud) Business Intelligence and Analytics USA
MongoDB Atlas Database Hosting USA, Canada, Europe*
Microsoft Azure’s OpenAI (Microsoft Corporation) Artificial intelligence models USA
OpenAI Artificial intelligence models USA
Pusher Realtime Processing USA, Canada, Europe*
Sendgrid Email Service Provider USA
Sentry Error Reporting USA
Smooch Technologies External Messaging Consolidation USA, Canada
Transcend, Inc. Data Privacy Compliance USA

Service-Specific Sub-Processors (Optional)

In addition to the above Sub-Processors, the following Sub-Processors may be used for specific services if purchased by the customer (e.g. Ada Voice). Third-party managed services providers may also have access to Customer Data to the extent the customer purchases such services and agrees to provide such access.

Third Party Service Purpose Location Website
Apify Technologies Scrape knowledge from selected web pages USA, Canada, Europe*
AssemblyAI Redaction of Personal Information, Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) USA
Deepgram Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) USA
ElevenLabs Generated Text-to-speech (TTS) USA, Europe*
Google Cloud Message Translation, Text-to-speech (TTS), Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) USA, Europe*
Microsoft Azure Text-to-speech (TTS) USA
OpenAI Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) USA
Svix Webhooks functionality and infrastructure USA, Canada, Europe*
Twilio Two-Factor Authentication, Telephone calls, call recording, and SMS processing USA

*Only Ada customers who have enrolled in Ada’s Europe data storage option will have their data stored in the European data centres of the Sub-Processors noted above.