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Rev up automation with voice bot and chatbot integrations

Enhance the effectiveness of automation with 100+ pre-built chatbot integrations to popular tools and systems

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					powerful automation with minimal effort

Your essential automation layer

Ada seamlessly integrates to existing business systems, agent platforms, and telephony software

Make self-service easy and actionable

Get up and running faster than ever before. Ada’s drag-and-drop builder and out-of-the-box AI chatbot integrations ensure you spend less time developing — and more time selling.

Check every box with self-serve integrations

Check every box with self-serve integrations

Request block: Unlock a world of integration possibilities beyond our pre-built connectors using the flexible request block that works with individual API endpoints.

Custom integrations: Got a great idea? We can develop custom-branded apps for the tools you use.

Action insights with speed and agility

Automate conversations across channels

Social messaging: Deliver modern CX and automate conversations on your customers' preferred social channels.

Voice and telephony: Transform your IVR experience with intelligent voice automation

Get a grip on contact drivers to better understand intent

Provide round-the-clock support

Knowledge base and content: Connect Ada to your knowledge base and create conversational replies based on article content.

Agent connectors: Integrate with integral customer engagement software — no rip and replace required.

Get a grip on contact drivers to better understand intent

Resolve every inquiry — from simple to complex

CRM & MAP integrations: Power personalized campaigns across the entire customer journey with integrations to widely used CRMs and MAPs.

Ecommerce tools: Automate common inquiries and offer real-time order tracking with out-of-the-box integrations to ecommerce tools.

AI-powered automation built for CX teams
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“The automated chat experience feels conversational and genuinely feels like a seamless part of our customer experience. With the Zendesk and Ada integration, we were able to not only save costs on seasonal headcount, but we were also able to see revenue growth from customers who were being served at faster rates.”

Justin Michaud
Senior Manager of Customer Support

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Enhance your automation workflows in just a few clicks. Connect with dozens of pre-built integrations to popular CX tools such as Shopify, Calendly, and more, through easy drag-and-drop connections.

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