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Bank on a FinTech AI Agent

Drive adoption and reduce costs by offering helpful guidance and instant resolutions to customer inquiries.

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2x increase in Automated Resolution
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5x ROI in just 12 months
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50%+ inquires resolved

Keep pace with demand — without breaking the bank

Looking for the most efficient way for your customers to self-serve their most common and critical inquiries? Ada's AI Agent has industry expertise in FinTech.

Effortlessly educate and onboard. Reduce drop offs.

Provide valuable digital banking education to your customers from day one. Guide them on account set up, funding, applications, and more to encourage usage and loyalty.


Automatically resolve inquiries. Reduce costs.

Authenticate customers and give them secure assistance on any channel, from answering simple account balance questions to details on applying for a loan.


Tailor conversations with customer data. Improve service.

Deliver personalized resolutions as unique as your customer. Connect your AI Agent to your business systems so it can use profile data to perform account-related tasks.


Win, retain, and grow your customer accounts with a FinTech AI Agent.

“We can support clients where they want it, when they want it, and how they want it. That’s really important to us as a financial services company because money moves anytime during the day 24/7.”

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Paul Teshima
Chief Client Experience Officer
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“Ada’s Professional Service Consultants have been essential to helping us get the most out of Ada. With their guidance, our team has been empowered to go beyond simply creating content. They’ve helped us build flows that enable our most valuable customers to get the right help quickly and easily.”

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Katie Larson
Manager of CX Insights
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Make digital banking easy

Ada's AI Agent is expertly designed for financial services, financial technology, and the banking industry.

Drive product adoption and grow accounts

Guide customers on how to use your product and provide details on account changes or upcoming promotions.


Create a personal financial assistant

Reduce friction by securely allowing customers to make account changes or update information directly in the chat or over the phone.


Instantly resolve urgent inquiries

Immediately assist with security concerns, allow customers to report compromised cards, or transfer to a specialized human agent if needed.


Speed up digital banking with self-service

Empower customers to make their day-to-day tasks faster, like reviewing transaction details or checking balances and credit limits.


Ada’s AI Agent vs. Scripted Banking Chatbots

Unlike a basic chatbot for banking, an AI Agent doesn’t just follow a script. It reasons to figure out how to best resolve an inquiry.

Scripted Chatbot

Scripted Banking Chatbot

A basic conversational chatbot follows a predefined flow. Every possible customer inquiry from account updates to credit increases have to be planned for and built out.

AI Agent

Banking AI Agent

Rather than try to build and maintain scripts for every issue, an AI Agent reasons through a customer problem using knowledge and data from your tech stack to identify the best step to take.

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