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Collect the dividends of self-serve banking automation

Fully integrate always on, 24/7 automation with your internal systems. Drive product adoption and empower customers to self-serve with helpful guidance and instant resolutions to inquiries.

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5x ROI in just 12 months

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50%+ inquires resolved by Ada

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90% reduction in agent handle time

Keep pace with demand — without breaking the bank

Looking for the most efficient way for your customers to self-serve their most common and critical inquiries? Ada's conversational AI-powered banking chatbot is tailored to the needs of fintech companies.

Effortlessly educate and onboard. Reduce drop offs.

Effortlessly educate and onboard. Reduce drop offs.

Provide valuable digital banking education to your customers from the get-go. Guide them on account set up, funding, applications, and more.
Automatically resolve repetitive inquiries. Cut costs.

Automatically resolve repetitive inquiries. Cut costs.

Give customers secure assistance on any channel — from simple account balance questions to more complex inquiries like how to apply for a loan — and reduce the cost of serving customers while improving customer support.
Tailor experiences with customer data. Up-sell services.

Tailor experiences with customer data. Up-sell services.

Personalize every automated conversation to up-sell and cross-sell services. Automatically use customer profile data to tailor experiences and offer relevant promotions and upgrades.

Don't just take it from us

“As an app and fast-growing business, our developers' time is in high-demand. With Ada, we not only save a valuable resource, we can also put the chatbot in the hands of a customer service professional.”

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Nimrod Barnea
VP of Customer Experience qapital logo

“The ACX Consultants that have been assigned to our account have been essential to helping us get the most out of Ada. With their guidance, our team has been empowered to go beyond simply creating content for Mave, our chatbot. The ACX team has helped us to build flows that enable our most valuable customers to get to the right help quickly and easily.”

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Katie Larson
Manager, Customer Experience Insights wave logo

Win, retain, and grow your customer accounts with banking automation

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Make digital banking easy

Put AI-powered automation in the hands of the people that know your customer best. Ada's customer service automation platform is expertly designed for financial services, financial institutions, and the banking industry.

Drive product adoption and growth

Guide and educate customers on how to use your product with tutorials, and instantly update them on their account status, product updates, and new offers and upgrades.

Create a personal financial assistant

Allow customers to quickly check their balance and credit limits, and update personal information directly in the chat.

Instantly resolve urgent inquiries

Automate immediate answers on security and privacy concerns, and allow customers to swiftly report compromised cards and unauthorized transactions.

Enable digital banking self-service

Empower customers to make all their day-to-day banking actions faster with automation. Pay bills, review transaction details, and transfer money between accounts in the chat.

Did you know...

Banking and FinTech ranked among the highest in YoY automated interaction growth in 2022, at 153%?

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“My advice to prospects considering Ada would be to go deeper into functional and technical questions with competitors. Can you actually leverage APIs without resorting to code, or is it a smoke screen? How does the UX look and feel? Is the platform stable? Ask the right questions, and you'll quickly find Ada has hit the sweet spot.”

Adam Cole
VP, Business Technology

Automate your customer
service with Ada

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Features to get you there

Automatically segment and tailor timely, relevant, and personalized experiences to your customers. Grant customers instant access to their accounts and take action.

Explore how AI-powered automation can transform digital banking

Understand the capabilities of emerging vendors within major segments of the conversation automation market to inform technology strategies.

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In less than 30 days, Qapital used Ada’s easy-to-use, AI-powered platform to build a customized chatbot.

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We analyzed 500,000 FinTech interactions. Here’s what we found.

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Win, retain, and grow your customer accounts with banking automation

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