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Build, measure, improve, repeat. With Ada's comprehensive suite of insight and guidance tools, it's that simple.

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					powerful automation with minimal effort


faster training than other conversational AI solutions


languages supported


average recognition rate

Improve automation effortlessly

Quickly learn where to improve with real-time conversational analytics and customizable performance dashboards

Get your all-access pass to easy‑to‑improve automation

Wasting time combing through every conversation to see where it went wrong? Allow Ada’s chatbot reporting to do it for you, and uncover clear-cut paths to improvement.

Make more data-driven decisions

Make more data-driven decisions

Cross-channel reporting: See every aspect of your automation across channels. Quickly learn which answers lead to quick resolutions without an agent — and which don't.

Success metrics: Track the customer actions that matter most, like following a link or downloading content, to better understand the impact of automation on your customer journey.

Data API: Power-up your business intelligence with access to Ada's automation data, and gain a deeper understanding of the full customer experience.

Action insights with speed and agility

Action insights with speed and agility

A/B testing: Run experiments, track results, and optimize workflows for both customer-initiated and proactive conversations.

Intelligent insights: Uncover content gaps and discover more areas for improvement. Ada's AI automatically organizes unanswered questions by topic.

Get a grip on contact drivers to better understand intent

Get a grip on contact drivers to better understand intent

Collect: Ingest historical conversation data from ticketing platforms and automation channels to identify your top drivers for support.

Quantify and prioritize: Benchmark customer support drivers and trends against historical data.

Optimize: Lean on Ada's team of CX experts to guide improvements by optimizing workflows and integrations to increase resolutions.

AI-powered automation built for CX teams
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reduction in operating costs in year 1
languages served across 3 brands
containment rate

“The ability to cut system training by half and average handling time by 7%, we now have core quality metrics that are enabling us to drive customer interactions and retention across our group. We have a handle on what is truly happening to our customers, and can use that in our coaching to improve agent capabilities.”

Wayne Grimshawe
Group Director of Customer Care

Ada’s conversational analytics tools at a glance

Conversation Topics

Use keywords and phrases to track common topics, build more valuable automated workflows, identify trends, and track performance over time.

Review Conversations

Get more granular insights with conversation transcripts. Evaluate interactions to identify content gaps and opportunities for improvement.

Training Similarities

Quickly identify and reduce similar training questions between two intents to improve recognition.

Not Helpful

Allow customers to rate your automated answers to quickly identify positive and negative experiences that need improvement.

Satisfaction Surveys

Track customer satisfaction with flexible CSAT surveys directly in Ada.

Campaign Performance

Track the engagement and performance of proactive web and SMS campaigns.

Ditch guesswork automation. Optimize like a pro with Ada

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